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Koh Young Europe will be Discussing the Role of Inspection Data in a 
Smart Factory at the i4.0 Connect Forum in Budapest

ATLANTA, GA — Koh Young Technology, a leading global manufacturer of 3D-based inspection solutions for the electronics industry, is pleased to announce that Mr. Gabor Tovaj, Sales Manager at Koh Young Europe will be discussing the amount of inspection data needed for a smart factory at the i4.0 Connect Forum in Budapest, Hungary on 05-06 June 2019. 

With his background covering engineering, information technology, and economics, Mr. Tovaj is uniquely positioned to deliver valuable insight on the ability to use automated inspection and measurement data to improve production quality and yield, all the while reducing manufacturing cost and improving profitability.

Taking place at the Holiday Inn Budapest in Budaors, the i4.0 Connect Forum is an Industry 4.0 focused event. Exploring concepts, developments, and challenges within The Fourth Industrial Evolution. Hear first-hand how Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Factories, and Additive Manufacturing are shaping the world of Electronics.

260°F Cleanroom Cabinet Oven From Grieve

ROUND LAKE, IL — No.797 is a 260°F (127°C), clean room cabinet oven from Grieve, currently used for drying coating on printed circuit boards at the customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 36” W x 36” D x 39” H. 20 KW installed in Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements, while a 1000 CFM, 1-1/2 HP recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow to the workload.

This Grieve clean room cabinet oven features 4” insulated walls, Type 304, 2B finish stainless steel interior with continuously backwelded seams and exterior finished with white epoxy paint. Oven features include #4 brushed stainless steel door cover and control panel face. Additional features include safety equipment for handling flammable solvent including explosion venting door hardware and 30” x 24” x 6” thick stainless steel high temperature HEPA recirculating filter.

Controls on the No. 797 include a digital indicating, programming temperature controller and SCR power controller.

SHENMAO SM-901 Water-Based Wave Soldering Flux Ideal for Lead-Free and Tin-Lead Wave Soldering

SAN JOSE, CA — SHENMAO America, Inc.’s SM-901 Water-Based Wave Soldering Flux has been designed for use in lead-free and tin-lead wave soldering applications. The company also offers the SMCW Series Water-Based Cleaner, which is ideal for removing flux residues and other smudges.

SM-901 water-based wave soldering flux is a no-clean liquid flux that is rosin- and resin-free. Designed for lead-free and tin-lead wave soldering, this flux contains low solid contents, which include a special organic activator to improve solderability while reducing flux residue.

SHEMAO also provides SMCW series water-based cleaner for removing flux residues and other smudges. This product is ideal for the electronics industry as its non-flammable formulation is safe to use on any cleaning surface. These products offer excellent defluxing performance on power electronics and PCBs while being halogen-free. It provides an excellent cleaning effect while being nontoxic and non-flash point.

Conecsus Announces Smelting Operations Promotions

TERRELL, TX — Conecsus, LLC, an innovative environmental technology and recycling company, announces several promotions within its Smelting Operations center: Scott Lehew, Rodney Smith, Francisco Luna, Dale Sewell, and Robert Cannaday.

Scott Lehew is promoted to Director of Operations and takes over the smelter leadership role, with operations, maintenance, laboratory, hydro, IT, and EH&S functions reporting to him. Scott has worked in the metals industry for 12+ years, primarily in the production laboratory.  Prior to that, he spent 12+ years operating a DNA testing laboratory.  He is originally from Terrell, Texas and graduated from Texas A&M in College Station.

Rodney Smith is promoted to Operations Manager for shipping/receiving and smelting  functions. Rodney has been at Conecsus for 19 years processing different types of materials through Conecsus’ innovative rotary furnace. He graduated from ITT with an associate degree in electronics in 1994.

Francisco Luna is promoted to Operations Manager for kettle refining and vacuum furnace functions. Francisco has been in the smelting business for the past nineteen years, ten of which have been in the position of Vacuum Furnace Supervisor.  He has served Conecsus in all departments in a supervisory capacity.

Dale Sewell is promoted to Laboratory Manager. Dale has been with the Conecsus lab for the past four years serving as a lab technician.  Prior to joining Conecsus, he worked as the production manager.

Robert Cannaday has been promoted to Senior Laboratory Technician. Robert has worked for Conecsus for 14 years, with almost 13 of those years as a Laboratory Technician.  He grew up in East Texas.

Charles Patti appointed new Sales Manager for the Americas region at What’s New in Electronics

SOUTHAMPTON, UK — What’s New in Electronics has announced that Charles Patti has joined the WNIE team as Sales Manager, The Americas to support and expand the WNIE portfolio of products. Charles has previous knowledge of the electronics industry, is very passionate and driven and will be a valuable member of the team.
Charles commented: "Claire Saunders and her staff have been anchors in this industry for decades. I am excited to a be part of such a great property and am honored to be a a member of their team. WNIE's media platform has become the must see in Europe, delivering the latest news and technology to its viewers. I hope to expand this reach into North America."
Claire Saunders, WNIE Director commented: “The Americas region is currently WNIE's second biggest readership and as such, we feel there is huge potential for companies to get involved with this independent platform and benefit from our huge global readership and social media following.”
WNIE Online offers a completely unbiased and unique platform designed by industry for industry covering the latest news and analysis across the spectrum of the electronics industry.
Charles is looking forward to reaching out to potential US-based customers over the coming weeks.

Scienscope Introduces New Team Leader for X-ray Division: Danny Lumbreras, U.S. Sales Manager

CHINO, CA —  Scienscope International, a leading American supplier of cabinet style micro-focus X-ray systems, announced today that it has added a new position to further enhance its status in the market and highlight its “customer first” strategy. Assuming the new role of U.S. Sales Manager is Danny Lumbreras. Mr. Lumbreras is a talented sales and process engineer, according to Eddy Lin, owner and president of Scienscope.
After graduating from college, he first established himself in the automotive industry as both a top performing mechanic and engineer. He then went on to a distinguished career in SMT operations from working as an engineer for prototyping, process and service for SMT components. Lumbreras then continued to further his career as a worldwide capital equipment technical support specialist eventually becoming Scienscope’s new Sales Manager for several territories throughout the United States.

During work within the electronics industry prior to employment at Sciencope, Lumbreras dedicated himself to furthering his knowledge and love for SMT. He took on a role three years ago as a technical support member at Scienscope. Approximately one year ago, Lumbreras was promoted to chief of Scienscope’s Technical Service & Support Team. Scienscope is proud to now have him as the face of their sales team within the United States.

Mr. Lin commented, “We are excited to have Danny take the leading role in the sales management for our outstanding X-ray products. Danny has been with us for three years and has demonstrated a level of professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm that will allow us to continue to grow and prosper.”

Lumbreras followed Mr. Lin’s comments with, “I am extremely pleased to have this opportunity to promote Scienscope’s innovative and advanced X-ray products with our outstanding, proven team of sales representatives throughout the United States. I, also, see a very bright future for our X-ray component counting products as these systems are among the most exciting in our market and have the potential to dramatically affect the operations of our customers.”