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PACE to Host SMTA Capital Chapter Presentation on “Non-Destructive BGA/Area Array Component Rework”

VASS, NC - PACE Worldwide is proud to host the upcoming SMTA Capital Chapter's presentation and live demonstration on “Non-Destructive BGA/Area Array Component Rework” on Tuesday, February 19th at PACE's Elkridge Engineering and Training Center in Elkridge MD. Dinner and refreshments will be served before the presentation.

February 19, 2019 @ 5:30pm

PACE Worldwide
PACENTER Training Facility
6605 Selnick Drive #C
Elkridge, MD 21075

5:30 – 6:15: Registration/Dinner
6:15 – 7:15: Presentation
7:15 – 7:45: Demonstration
“Non-Destructive BGA/Area Array Component Rework.”
In the past 20 years, such mundane operations as soldering, desoldering and component replacement have become complicated by extreme micro miniaturization, the use of lead-free solders, new thermally challenging pc boards, heat-sinking bottom terminated components and intricate component packages that are difficult to rework or install. One area that presents unique challenges is BGA/Area Array rework. Modern boards that use these components are more technically demanding than ever, requiring skilled operators who are highly competent at accomplishing delicate, intricate soldering and rework tasks.

Unfortunately, many operators will cause more damage to the assembly or components due to his/her rework actions. As a result, many manufacturers struggle to repair or rework boards, opting to throw away lower value boards or hire outside contractors to perform the more difficult repairs. This presentation will review current techniques and procedures for performing highly reliable, high-quality rework and repair on some of the more difficult BGA packages and will include live demonstrations of BGA rework using available convective and infrared heating techniques. The presentation will address typical BGA/area array components, heating technologies (convection and infrared), the importance of bottom side preheating, flux application, solder paste stenciling, device alignment methods and thermal profiling techniques, followed by a live demonstration of BGA rework.

About the Speaker:
Aaron Caplan is the Director of Marketing & Training for PACE Worldwide, a company solely focused on providing innovative, cost-effective solutions in hands on soldering, rework and repair of advanced electronics to companies and government around the globe for well over 50 years. Mr. Caplan has been involved in electronics manufacturing technology since the 80's and is an acknowledged expert in Miniature/Microminiature Electronics Repair. A CIT in IPC-7711/IPC 7721, he provides technical expertise in teaching of non-destructive PCB rework/repair techniques, educating industry on how to properly utilize these techniques. In addition to his marketing duties, Mr. Caplan also coordinates the Training Department and Video Production Team, providing direction for a wide variety of video production projects.

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About PACE®
PACE Worldwide has been providing the most innovative, cost-effective solutions in hands-on soldering, rework and repair of advanced electronics to companies and government around the globe for almost 60 years. Since the dawn of the modern electronics industry, PACE has played a key role in the development of groundbreaking products, training films, curricula, materials and electronic assembly standards, including several soldering, surface mount and thru-hole rework videos co-produced with the IPC and industry.

TDK Corporation Announces Power Supply Product: 24V DIN rail power supply is certified to Class II and Class 2 standards

TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) announces the introduction of an 88W rated 24V model to the DRL series of low profile AC-DC DIN rail mount power supplies. The DRL100-24-1/C2 is certified as a Class 2 power supply, in accordance with NEC (per UL1310), and as a Limited Power Source (per UL 60950 clause 2.5 requirements). The unit is also has a Class II construction with double insulation for operation without an earth ground connection. Applications include building automation, security systems, industrial process control, factory automation, and test and measurement equipment.

The DRL100-24-1/C2 is housed in a rugged plastic enclosure, with overall dimensions of 72mm x 91mm x 55.6mm (W x H x D). The input range is 85 to 264Vac, withstanding surges of up to 300Vac for 5 seconds. The input to output isolation is 3,000Vac. The operating ambient temperature is -20oC to +71oC, -25oC cold start, derating linearly above 40oC to 40% load at 71oC. Off-load power consumption is <0.5W and the full load efficiency is 90% with a 230Vac input.

All models in the DRL series are certified to the safety standards of IEC/UL/CSA/EN 60950-1, UL508 and are CE marked in accordance to the Low Voltage, EMC and RoHS Directives. The series is compliant to EN 55032-B (radiated), EN55032-A (conducted) emissions, EN 61000-3-2 harmonics and IEC 61000-4 immunity standards.

More information can be obtained at the following TDK-Lambda Americas webpage,, or by calling 800-LAMBDA-4. Product availability for all the DRL DIN rail power supplies can be found via the link to TDK-Lambda’s distributor network (see “Check Distributor Stock”) at

Major applications
Building automation, security systems, industrial process control, factory automation, and test and measurement equipment.

Main features and benefits
• Low 55.6mm profile
• Class II double insulated construction
• Class 2 to UL 1310
• <0.5W off-load power consumption

About TDK Corporation
TDK Corporation is a leading electronics company based in Tokyo, Japan. It was established in 1935 to commercialize ferrite, a key material in electronic and magnetic products. TDK's portfolio features passive components such as ceramic, aluminium electrolytic and film capacitors, and magnetics, high-frequency, and piezo and protection devices. The product spectrum also includes sensors and sensor systems such as temperature and pressure, magnetic, and MEMS sensors. In addition, TDK provides power supplies and energy devices, magnetic heads and more. These products are marketed under the product brands TDK, EPCOS, InvenSense, Micronas, Tronics and TDK-Lambda. TDK focuses on demanding markets in the areas of information and communication technology and automotive, industrial and consumer electronics. The company has a network of design and manufacturing locations and sales offices in Asia, Europe, and in North and South America. In fiscal 2018, TDK posted total sales of USD 12 billion and employed about 103,000 people worldwide.

About TDK-Lambda Corporation
TDK-Lambda Corporation, a group company of TDK Corporation, is a leading global power supply company providing highly reliable power supplies for industrial equipment worldwide. TDK-Lambda Corporation meets the various needs of customers with our entire range of activities, from research and development through to manufacturing, sales, and service with bases in five key areas, covering Japan, Europe, America, China, and Asia.

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KIC’s MB Allen Joins SMTA San Diego Chapter Board

SAN DIEGO, CA - KIC announced that MB (Marybeth) Allen is now on the board of directors of the San Diego Chapter of SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association). She will serve as the chapter’s secretary, effective immediately for a one-year term.

Allen has been involved in the SMTA since 1988, one of the initial presidents of the San Diego Chapter. Allen stated: “The goal of the SMTA was then, and still is, to share knowledge so that our industry can prosper from the experience of its members. I have been fortunate to be a speaker in many chapters around the country. It is an educational experience for both the attendees and me. It’s a pleasure to be back on the board of directors of the San Diego Chapter and we look forward to an exciting year of information exchange and reinstituting our EXPO and Tech Forum on November 5th, 2019.”

MB Allen is the US/Canadian Sales Manager for KIC. Her technical expertise, relationships with valued partners and customers, and many years of product management and sales experience aid KIC in the future development, improvement and sales of the company's product offerings. MB has worked in the electronics industry for 31 years and been associated with KIC for 30 years in both national and international positions.

Move toward the future of Smart Factory integration with line connectivity, flexible production, , traceability, data analytics, process transparency/control, machine learning and real-time insight. For more information about KIC, visit

Sign-ups Open for Ersa’s Versaflow 3 Selective Soldering Level II Application Training Course

PLYMOUTH, WI - Kurtz Ersa Inc., a leading supplier of electronics production equipment, will hold an ERSA Versaflow 3 Selective Soldering Level II Maintenance Training Course from Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 1 p.m. to Friday, April 5, 2019 at 12 p.m. at its Plymouth office. The two-day class will provide the knowledge and hands-on experience for process application and programming on the Versaflow 3 selective soldering machine.

The VERSAFLOW 3/45 is the first in-line selective soldering machine with dual track transport. Highest flexibility and highest throughput can be realized with the smallest possible required space. In order to satisfy all flexibility demands, the third generation of Ersa´s VERSAFLOW selective soldering systems is based on a modular platform.

The goal of the course is to give the student the knowledge to properly maintain their process with minimal to zero defects with the highest throughput possible. Students that successfully complete the course will receive a certificate upon completion. For more information or to register for the course, e-mail Chad Suckow at

For more information about Kurtz Ersa Inc., visit

Thermaltronics Introduces New Sample Program Offering Free Trials

GREAT NECK, NY - Thermaltronics USA, Inc. a leading manufacturer of soldering irons and robotic soldering systems incorporating the unique CURIE POINT Technology, have announced a new sample program for companies interested in a trial of their range of soldering systems and tips.

All that is required to be eligible for the free trial is the information on the current systems being used and the tip part numbers. Then, subject to approval, Thermaltronics will provide a system and/or tip, on a completely free trial basis for evaluation purposes.

The process is typically managed through Thermaltronics approved reps and distributors located throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and is an ideal way to conduct necessary testing without committing to a purchase.

Thermaltronics systems and tips are very competitive in price, but the company maintains the highest levels of safety approval and quality, in the industry. Additionally, Thermaltronics tips and accessories are completely interchangeable with Metcal® MX series and Hakko FX-100 systems.

For further information on the entire range of Thermaltronics products, including the award winning TMT-R9800S Solder Robot contact or visit

OK International Appoints Global Director of Marketing

CYPRESS, CA - OK International, a subsidiary of Dover Corporation, today announced that Josh Edberg has joined the organization as Global Director of Marketing.

“Josh Edberg will be responsible for leading the global marketing and product management efforts for all of OK International’s brands, including Metcal and Techcon,” said Bryan Gass, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “As part of the company’s effort to reinvest in growth and marketing initiatives, he will be responsible for formulating the go-to-market strategy for each product line.”

Mr. Edberg brings 20 years of experience including time in product marketing, product management and strategic marketing. Over the course of his 11 years at Honeywell, he has been exposed to a diverse number of Industrial B2B businesses primarily focused on electronics, in which he had to learn and assimilate information about customers and markets to drive customer value through an innovative, differentiated product offering. Most recently, Mr. Edberg headed marketing and product management responsibilities at Knox Company.

Edberg holds a BA from the University of California Santa Barbara and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing & Finance from the University of Southern California. He is a seasoned professional with a proven track record of driving new products to market and expanding market presence through both digital and traditional channels.

For more information about OK International, visit To learn more about Metcal, visit To learn more about Techcon, visit

TopLine Launches Comprehensive PCB JUMPERS and SPACERS Product Guide

IRVINE, CA - TopLine announces the publishing of its new PCB JUMPERS and SPACERS product guide 2019-A. Quick to navigate, comprehensive and well-illustrated, this easy-to-use guide of nearly 50 pages is a complete reference tool for engineers seeking SMT-solderable PCB design solutions in Zero Ohm Jumpers, PCB Spacers, Space Fillers, and more. TopLine’s PCB JUMPERS and SPACERS product guide 2019-A is readily available online, in print, and as a downloadable PDF.

“Find it Fast” quick-reference illustrated charts make finding different classifications of product a snap, for a wide range of product groups including PCB Spacers, Isolated Space Fillers, MELF Series PCB Jumpers, and more. Images and page references point the way to learning more, all completely and logically organized. TopLine Jumpers, Spacers and Space Fillers are SMT solderable just like regular components.

TopLine has manufactured a wide range of Zero Ohm Jumpers, non-conductive spacers and PCB space fillers since 1989. Zero Ohm Jumpers conduct current above and around traces on the PC Board. Jumpers can be used instead of regular components. They are available in a wide assortment of devices including SOD, SOT, QFN, QFP, and BGA. Custom configurations are available.

Non-conductive Spacers are insulative and prevent adjacent PC Boards from touching one other. They can also be used to prevent a heavy component from sagging. Spacers are SMT solderable, just like regular components.

Space fillers are insulative and empty component packages that look just like normal devices but solder to the PC Board just like normal components. They are electrically isolated without internal connects, and thus will not alter the current flow on the PCB. Use space fillers to cover an empty pad or spot on the PC Board.

Isolated Spacers and Space Fillers do not conduct current. They are electrically isolated and non-conductive. Jumpers, Spacers and Space Fillers are packaged like ordinary devices on Tape and Reel, in tubes or in trays. Contact TopLine for special packaging requirements.

The TopLine PCB JUMPERS and SPACERS product guide Illustrations include schematics, Package Outlines with Perspective views, PCB Patterns, and more, including charts of the Part Numbering System(s). For more information, visit, or contact TopLine for technical support and questions for applications involving special needs. Email or call TopLine at 1-800-776-9888. All TopLine products are available worldwide through a network of authorized distributors.

About TopLine
TopLine manufactures a wide range of Daisy Chain test components, Column Grid Arrays, Particle Impact Vibration Dampers and engineering evaluation kits for process development, experimentation, machine evaluation, solder training, and SMT assembly practice. TopLine products provide hands-on learning for engineers. For more information about TopLine, visit

SEIKA: FLITE APEX Panel Recording Is Now Available

TORRANCE, CA - Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, is pleased to announce that the interview conducted by Female Leaders in Tech, Everywhere (FLITE) during the recent IPC APEX EXPO is now available to view online. The interview, entitled, “The Best Thing About Being a Woman in Technology” can be viewed at What’s New In Electronics (WNIE) online at

The panel was moderated by Kim Sauer of MiXimPR and panelists included Sherry Stepp of KYZEN, Julie Silk of Keysight Technologies, Kathy Palumbo of Production Analysis and Learning Services, (PA&LS), LLC, and Michelle Ogihara of Seika Machinery, Inc.

The topic for the second half of the discussion was “FLITE - INSPIRED TO EMPOWER BY LIFTING OTHERS.” As female leaders in technology everywhere, how can we make the most of this group so that it is meaningful and brings benefit to all who contribute and can be sustained with limited resources and time?

For more information about Seika Machinery or FLITE, U.S., contact Michelle Ogihara at or visit