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Publication Date: 09/1/2012
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CSZ Offers Highly Accelerated Life Testing and Stress Screening
CSZ's Time Compressor testing system.
Cincinnati, OH — Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) Testing Services now offers HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) testing to help shorten new product development time, decrease production and warranty costs, and significantly improve product reliability. Most frequently used by original equipment designers and manufacturers in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical, and industrial equipment industries, these accelerated test methods employ stresses significantly higher than field environments to uncover design and process weaknesses.

HALT testing is primarily used during the product design phase to reveal any defects and make the product more rugged and reliable. HASS testing is principally used to screen for manufacturing defects by stressing the product without causing damage or a significant reduction of the product's expected lifespan.

The most commonly-tested products include printed circuit boards, power supplies, medical products, monitors/displays, avionics, gears, transmissions, and GPS systems.

As a division of CSZ Products, Inc., CSZ Testing Services has access to the latest equipment and technology. Its HALT and HASS testing equipment holds products with a footprint up to 2 x 2 feet and weighing up to 780 pounds. It provides extreme temperature change ramp rates of greater than 90°C per minute, and handles temperature ranges from -100 to +200°C. Random, multi-axis vibration levels from 1 to 90 GRMS can be attained with six degrees of freedom.

For HALT testing, very little preparation time is required because the company uses temporary restraining straps or bars to secure the product, and movable ducts for air stream positioning. HASS testing requires more time to implement because it must be preceded by a HALT test to determine the test profile, and usually requires unique fixturing that CSZ can design and construct in its facility to accommodate the test.

All CSZ testing personnel are able to assist with this testing, while HALT and HASS testing consultants are available to help with the process if needed. Test technicians are also accessible to conduct and supervise a test that runs outside of business hours and into the evenings or weekends. The testing area can be secured to restrict access as needed.

In addition to HALT and HASS testing, CSZ performs shock, vibration, environmental, corrosion, and climatic testing (including extreme temperatures and humidity changes) for companies nationwide. Its testing laboratories are located in Cincinnati as well as in Detroit.

Contact: Cincinnati Sub-Zero, 12011 Mosteller Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241-1528 800-989-7373 or 513-772-8810 E-mail: Web: or

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