Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Fischer MiniMax Connectors Combine Power and Signal
Miniature connectors.
Alpharetta, GA — The new Fischer MiniMax from Fischer Connectors is a first-of-its kind rugged push-pull interconnect solution for today's smaller devices. An all-in-one 20 signal (0.5A) and 4 power (5A) connector with a patents-pending 24 mixed contacts, the MiniMax reportedly has a durability of over 500 mating cycles. It is designed for the harshest environments, passing extreme temperature tests and 1,000 hours of salt water spray.

According to the company, the new connector will help customers by applying more connections in a smaller space. The connector itself is about the width of a push-pin, so it was a great engineering achievement to design it so that the power and signal don't interfere with one another.

It is expected that the connector will find many applications in hazardous environments, on portable equipment like communications devices, and even in medical and harsh industrial applications. The MiniMax is available in three latching systems: push-pull, breakaway and screw lock.

The connector's small profile means it occupies less than 7mm inside the box. It is sealed to 120m, both mated and unmated; has an unbreakable keying system that withstands over 4Nm of torque; and the connector uses over-molded assemblies that are able to withstand 100 lbs of pull (break-away) force.

Contact: Fischer Connectors USA, 1735 Founder's Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30009 800-551-0121 E-mail: Web: or

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