Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Microtips Technology: 5.0” TFT with WSVGA Resolution and Portrait Orientation
ORLANDO, FL -   5.0” TFT LCD module with true portrait mode orientation
Microtips Technology is excited to introduce their 5.0” TFT LCD module with true portrait mode orientation. The display industry lacks many quality 5.0” glass options, and it’s rare to find them with the view cone designed for native portrait mode applications. This high quality 5.0” TFT boasts 70° wide viewing angles, high resolution WVGA 480x800 pixels, high speed serial and 24bit TTL- Sync/DE mode interface, 16.7 million color depth, minimum 300nit LED backlight, high 500:1 contrast and wide temperature range. Also available with optional Projective Capacitive or 4 Wire Resistive touch panel.

This 5.0” TFT module is perfect for many different applications such as Telecom, Gaming, Vending, POS, Medical, Appliance, Industrial, HVAC/Security, Test/Measurement, and Consumer. All these features are available starting at about $20.
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