Friday, June 22, 2018
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NBS introduces its Vice President of Operations
Leading EMS provider NBS has announced the appointment of Andrew Dalisa as its Vice President of Operations. Mr. Dalisa comes to NBS as a customer of a number of EMS companies, a welcome and valuable perspective. He brings with him a diverse professional experience having worked in senior management positions within engineering, materials, manufacturing and information technology.

NBS President & CEO Michael Maslana remarked, "We are excited someone of Andrew's background and capabilities is leading our team. The fluid nature and rapid pace of operating a NPI driven EMS operation presents an array of challenges. Maintaining a lean workforce and executing materials in our environment requires robust information systems. This is Andrew's talent and we expect our customers will very soon appreciate the changes and reap the rewards."
Asked to comment Dalisa offered, "My career has spanned the evolution of OEM's moving almost exclusively to outsourced manufacturing on a global scale. This was exactly the right time for me to apply my experiences earned as a client of EMS to such a dynamic company as NBS. I sincerely believe NBS is very well positioned with our renowned NPI engine and Silicon Valley location to benefit from the growing trend of OEM's toward renewing USA partnerships."
Servicing a uniquely large and diverse customer base, NBS has grown steadily from its roots as a PCB design specialist to a fully integrated EMS provider that has been nationally recognized as a leader in recent 'Made in America' manufacturing perspectives.

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