Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Sensoray Intros 16-channel H.264 PCI Express Encoder
TIGARD, OR –    Sensoray's newest OEM video capture card, the Model 819
Sensoray announced the newest addition to their extensive line of OEM video capture cards with the release of the Model 819, 16-channel H.264 PCI Express encoder. For each input video channel the 819 can provide multiple output streams: two H.264 streams at independently set resolutions, frame rates, bitrates; a low frame rate JPEG stream and an uncompressed (preview) stream. Each channel allows an individually configured multi-window character and graphics overlay and provides real-time motion data.

An internal 16 X 4 analog crosspoint video switch is used to route any combination of four composite output channels to external video monitors. Individual scalers and deinterlacers facilitate optimal resolutions for each captured stream. For example, a high-resolution, high bitrate stream may be selected for archiving, while a lower resolution, low bitrate stream is preferable for simultaneous streaming to handheld devices, including smart phones.

H.264 Encoder
The H.264 encoders implement high quality Baseline Profile Level 3 compatible H.264 compression. Flexible encoder control allows achieving optimal stream parameters for a wide variety of applications. The output streams may be formatted as elementary, MPEG-4 or transport stream.

Sensoray provides an SDK for the Model 819 that includes drivers and demo applications for both Windows and Linux operating systems.


OEM quantity 2-9 pricing for the Model 819 is $785. Volume discounts are also available.

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ABOUT Sensoray
Sensoray designs and manufactures OEM electronics for video imaging, data acquisition and machine control. Offering drivers for Windows or Linux, and live technical support, Sensoray is committed to helping ensure easy and rapid development.

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