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Publication Date: 10/1/2012
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Screening Counterfeits with AXI

Counterfeit parts come in many colors. The electronics supply chain has been infiltrated with unfit, substandard, misrepresented, and parts intentionally counterfeited — predominately from China. What's worse, these components have made their way into electronic assemblies manufactured ...
Choosing the Right Optical Inspection System

Picking the right AOI system means a lot of work based on the many different criteria and options. Every AOI company will tell you there's no need to look further; their machine is as good as it gets.
The Role of Pre-Heating in Electronics Rework

The Electronics industry, like any other, has been cyclical in its evolution. Through-hole, surface mount, single-sided, multi- layer, complexity and density have all changed and evolved and then changed again. Just as one methodology and approach seems to take root, the next big thing ...
Being Active with Passives

It looks like a sleepy little town in Western New York State's Allegeny Mountains, but it's home to an electronics manufacturing company whose products are in great demand worldwide — even shipping components to China (see U.S. Tech Oct. 2010: "Not a Foreign Concept, Gowanda ...
Reclaiming Costly Components Without Losing Quality

Today's demanding rework applications require reliable solutions that directly address the specific challenges involved with each type of rework process. Having to scrap boards and components can greatly impact the profitability of any job and is avoided whenever possible. Therefore ...
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