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Dynalab's Keys to Success: Flexibility and Excellent Service
Juki's technologies are part of Dynalab's state-of-the-art facility because of its top-rated service, price, delivery and warranties.

Dynalab is a design and manufacturing organization serving the electronics industry. Since its founding in 1981, it has built many long-term partnerships with Fortune 500 companies by providing outstanding engineering and manufacturing support. As a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, it offers the technical capabilities, financial resources, and customized supply chain management programs typically found with larger EMS companies; along with the agility, flexibility and responsiveness usually found in smaller companies.

Although printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and test is its strongest area of growth, the company offers complete turnkey services, including wire harness/cable construction and electromechanical assembly (box build). Since the company is continuously presented with unique manufacturing opportunities, its capabilities have remained diverse and vertically integrated. Staying flexible and in control of these special requirements has led to the development of many hard-to-coordinate, integrated processes. For PCB assembly, these include test development and design related to in-circuit test, functional test, thermal stress screening, conformal coating and chip programming.

As a sizable EMS company in the growing global economy, providing jobs for more than 300 associates, Dynalab is continually challenged by the many special manufacturing opportunities presented by its customers. It works to exceed those demands, challenges and opportunities in its 100,000 sq. ft. headquarters and manufacturing facility in the Columbus, Ohio area.

SMT for Speed and Flexibility
Dynalab uses Juki Automation Systems' surface mount placement machines in its manufacturing process to get the speed and flexibility needed to maintain its position in the EMS market. The company has been using Juki technology in its facility since January 2006 and currently has 16 systems running, with plans to purchase more in the future.

The contract manufacturer first turned to Juki because its technologies met the company's need for quick changeovers, reliable placement and minimal downtime for maintenance. The first systems purchased were the KE2055, KE2060 and FX1. Six years later, the systems are still in operation, along with the other 13 that Dynalab has purchased since then. Today, the company has a total of three FX3 machines, four FX1 systems, one KE2050 system, one KE2055 system, four KE2060 machines, one KE2070 system and two KE2080 systems.

The KE series is comprised of flexible and high-quality SMT placement machines. First introduced in 1993 as a pioneer of modular placement machines, that series now combines chip shooters and flexible mounters to enable production lines to be flexibly rearranged to match exact production volume needs.

Completely Automated Line
Dynalab uses a Juki surface mount line that is completely automated from the board loader to the board catcher. This allows for production to continue even without operator interaction. There are two surface mount lines, each with the capability of placing over 100,000 parts per hour (pph). The line places 0102 size components through fine pitch BGAs and also incorporates high-speed laser and vision centering as well as HLC line balancing software.
Dynalab's fully automated Juki SMT line allows continuous production without operator interaction.

"Our Juki equipment offers what we need to build high-quality products for a large and growing customer base," said Craig Reiselt, Director of Manufacturing, Dynalab EMS. "The efficient design of the Juki machines results in high uptime and the ability to seamlessly change from one job to the next gives us the flexibility to produce a wide variety of complex products with a quick turn. The Juki equipment has been a proven winner for us."

Dynalab provides a wide range of technologies, including-through hole and surface mount PCB assembly, wire harness and cable assembly, insert molding, and electromechanical assembly. The company manufactures products for customers who primarily compete in the industrial controls, precision instruments, energy, healthcare, military (IPC 610 Class III) and telecommunications industries. Without exception, its customers receive on-time delivery, quick response, flexibility, short cycle times, high quality, customized program management, technical support, and an overall good value. In addition, the company continues to expand its capabilities with technological advances.

Increased Scheduling Flexibility
Continuous improvement efforts have yielded significant results, allowing for increased scheduling flexibility, shorter cycle times, and lower costs that will allow Dynalab to compete in the growing, worldwide EMS arena. With support from Juki, the company will continue to grow.

"From the beginning of our relationship, Juki has consistently delivered excellent customer service," said Reiselt. "This world-class service, in combination with its top-rated pricing, delivery and warranties, was why Dynalab originally chose Juki.

Reiselt recalls how Dynalab got started with Juki: "We went to Juki's location for a demo on a Tuesday and placed a purchase order (PO) that day. Machines were delivered on Thursday, we removed our old line on Friday, and Juki did the install Saturday morning. By 4:30 p.m. that day, we were running production and at 5:30 p.m. we were celebrating. Juki had two technicians stay the following week to train both our day and night shifts, while running production. During that week, we processed 2X what we did the week before on our old line."

"Today, Juki still delivers that same enthusiasm and service along with superior performance, support and reliability." Reiselt continued. "Juki has supported Dynalab in many ways over the years, but most of all in the ability to deliver on time with unmatched quality."

In addition to a strong and varied manufacturing capability, Dynalab provides engineering support for total turnkey projects, prototype and preproduction assembly, design for manufacturability, and process engineering.

Another way that Dynalab differentiates itself from other EMS providers is its innovative Focused Factory concept. This provides a fully automated, custom production line designed around a customer's product with full traceability. Benefits of the Focused Factory include customized program management, individual unit tracking via the Internet, real-time online documentation, design for manufacturability, genealogy, and dedicated supply chain management. These benefits have led to large business awards, especially when competing against overseas EMS organizations.

Contact: Dynalab, Inc., 555 Lancaster Ave., Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 614-866-9999 fax: 614-866-9946 E-mail: Web:

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