Friday, June 22, 2018
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Lansdale Sole Sourcing Freescale Wireless IC
Wireless IC.
Phoenix, AZ — The MC13150, a narrowband FM Coiless Detector intermediate frequency (IF) subsystem targeted at cellular and other analog applications is now available from Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc. This wireless IC was originally designed and built by Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Lansdale now has single-source rights to continue to manufacture and globally market the MC13150 which is no longer being made by Freescale. As such, the product is now incorporated into Lansdale's exclusive product life cycle management system. This unique quality control system guarantees form, fit, and function all meet the original manufacturer's design specifications, thus assuring a continuing source of high performance legacy ICs to the worldwide electronics market.

The MC13150 is a very low power single-conversion narrowband frequency-modulated (FM) receiver incorporating a split intermediate frequency (IF). This device can be used as a single conversion or as the back end in analog narrowband FM systems such as 900MHz cordless phones, and narrowband data links. It contains a mixer, oscillator, extended range received signal strength indicator (RSSI) buffer, IF amplifier, limiting IF, a unique coilless quadrature detector and a device enabler function. The quadrature detector is similar to a phase lock loop (PLL) with an internal oscillator running at the IF frequency and two detector outputs. One is used to deliver the audio signal and the other one is filtered and used to tune the oscillator.

Excellent high frequency performance is achieved through use of Motorola's MOSAIC 1.5 RF bipolar process.

The MC13150 has an onboard Colpitts voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) that can be crystal controlled or phase locked for second local oscillator (LO) in dual conversion receivers. The mixer is a double balanced configuration with excellent third-order intercept and is useful to use beyond 200MHz. The IF amplifier is split to accommodate two low-cost cascaded filters. RSSI output is derived by summing the output of both IF sections. The quadrature detector is a unique design eliminating the conventional tunable quadrature coil. The IC is packaged in the LQFP 32-pin configuration, and is designed for battery and portable applications. Applications for the MC13150 include animal tracking receivers, baby monitors, 2-way radio, security devices, remote control, data links and other radio systems utilizing narrowband FM modulation.

The MC13150 is manufactured by Lansdale today using Freescale's original characteristics to meet or exceed requirements for existing or new designs. Using the Lansdale MC13150 eliminates the need to expend the time or cost of designing in a replacement device, or doing a complete redesign and qualification in existing end products or systems.

Contact: Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc., 5245 South 39th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85040-9008 602-438-0123 fax: 602-438-0138 E-Mail: Web:

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