Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Irish Company, Ash Technologies, Launches Award Winning Handheld Magnifier to the Inspection Sector
Ash Technologies, an innovative Irish company specialising in the area of digital image processing and electronic magnification, have recently made the transition into the inspection sector offering a portfolio of digital microscopes suitable for the inspection and quality control of production processes in many industries including automotive, electronics and engineering.
Their new product portfolio for inspection is specifically designed to provide greater efficiency, ergonomics, precision and recording capabilities thus improving industries inspection processes. The key benefit for production is the ability to ensure quality metrics and standards are reached including saving operators valuable time and cost.

Ash Technologies most recent addition to its new inspection product line is the Ion 4.3’’. This multi-functional handheld digital microscope has the added bonus of image capture for upload to PC. The Ion 4.3’s Reddot award winning design provides comfort, and ergonomic use in awkward to access areas and its LED illumination modes are ideal for poor lighting conditions.
The Ion 4.3’s unique patent applied for dimensioning grids provides users with fast and convenient object measurement checking during image capture and upload to PC. To conform to industry operating standards the ESD safe casing makes it an ideal tool for inspection operators and technicians in a wide variety of industrial applications.
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