Monday, June 25, 2018
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DYCONEX successfully running 25 μm laminates in volume using RENA cleaning unit
Gütenbach, Germany -  RENA cleaning unit at DYCONEX, Bassersdorf
DYCONEX is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ultra-HDI FPCs for life-sustaining medical applications. To further improve its sophisticated production environment, DYCONEX requested that RENA provide a 25-μm laminate cleaning unit that is capable of processing foils without assisted transport.

RENA’s "Höllmüller CLEAN" was finally selected for production. This equipment today processes laminates with thicknesses down to 25 μm, 2 x 9 μm Cu layers and applications with lines and spaces as small as 20 μm.

In this, RENA’s big challenge was to develop a solution capable of handling thin foils and simultaneously minimize mechanical damage and surface residues. Furthermore, chemical drag-out between the separated areas had to be significantly improved. Such problems typically appear when processing 25-μm laminates with a 50-μm equipment, so RENA had to come up with a dedicated thin-laminate solution.

In close cooperation with DYCONEX, RENA mastered all the given challenges. Reinhard Düregger, VP of Operations at DYCONEX states, "For over eight months we run our new RENA cleaning unit in production. We use the equipment for the complete DYCONEX product mix, including 25-μm laminates with structures down to 20-μm lines and spaces." Düregger also discloses that "With this new generation of equipment, we were able to increase product traceability and reduce yield loss due to mechanical damage."

With the experience gained during this project, RENA is now certain to have everything it needs to implement all spray- and immersion-type wet applications for 25-μm laminates.

Based in Switzerland, DYCONEX has been in the PCB business for over 40 years and delivers leading-edge interconnect solution in flex, rigid-flex and rigid technology. DYCONEX core competence lies in the production of highly complex HDI, high-frequency and high-reliability circuit boards for medical, defense and semiconductor applications.

DYCONEX is a company of MST.

About RENA:
RENA is a leading supplier of production systems for the wet chemical processing of substrates for circuit board and medical technology and for the photovoltaics and semiconductor industries. In 2011 RENA recorded a total output of approximately EUR 400m. The 2012 integration of the SH+E GROUP brought best expertise in water supply as well as water and chemistry recycling for industry and communal applications to RENA. In the business year 2010/2011 the SH+E GROUP generated a total turnover of over EUR 250m.
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