Sunday, June 24, 2018
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A-TEK Systems Intros Asscon Q300 Table Top Vapor Phase Soldering Machine
A-Tek Systems Group is very pleased to introduce the newly re-designed Q300 table top vapor phase reflow machine for release to the North American market.

The Q300 vapor phase soldering machine is compact and self contained, with the process zone, lift and work piece carrier integrated into a single support structure. Consistent with all Asscon designed vapor phase machines, the surface heater units are attached to the outside of the chamber and are insulated against external heat radiation. The small overall machine dimensions and its independence of fixed supply systems, make the Q300 portable and flexible - for use at different factory work stations without limitations. All that is required is access to 208-220V single phase power source.

The Q300 is suitable to:
· Laboratory use for qualification and test of the soldering process
· Low volume soldering of single assemblies that fit within a 300 x 300mm process window
· Quality control of solder pastes
· Utilizing the Asscon desolder tool, the Q300 can be used for safe repair and rework of assemblies

In vapor phase soldering, overheating of assemblies, damaging components or delaminating printed circuit boards is not possible. The heat transfer to the PCB is accomplished irrespective of the shape and thermal mass involved. The physically defined and unchangeable heat transfer of the condensing vapor ensures consistent repeatability and reproducibility solder reflow in an inert atmosphere, making the Q300 ideal for small run production or prototype processing.

The same beneficial characteristics for reflow are applicable to rework. Defective surface-mount components are traditionally repaired by using a non-contact IR or hot gas rework system, both of which have a number of disadvantages that are eliminated when using the Q300 with the rework tool for this time consuming process.

Traditional Rework Methods Vapor Phase Rework
Central areas will be heated more than peripheral areas Consistent heat transfer to the PCB is accomplished irrespective of shape and mass
Temperature control is less precise Temperature control is precise and dictated by the fluid temperature within the chamber
No reflow atmosphere possible Inert oxygen free environment
Custom nozzles and rework tools Large variety of components can be removed without extra tools

Addressing the solder and desolder requirements, A-Tek is bundling the Asscon Q300 with the Asscon Rework tool and 1 Kg of Galden High Temperature reflow fluid. A-Tek Systems Group are currently taking orders for immediate shipments. For more information, contact A-Tek Systems Group - :(970) 532-5100.

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