Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Nordson YESTECH Wins New Contract with EBW Electronics;Will Supply Additional FX Series AOI Systems
CARLSBAD, CA –   Nordson Yestech's FX series delivers a complete inspection solution
Nordson YESTECH, a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation and a leading supplier of automated optical and x-ray inspection systems for the electronics industry, announced today that it has provided newly upgraded FX Series automated optical inspection systems to EBW Electronics, a full-service contract electronics manufacturer. EBW Electronics will utilize Nordson YESTECH’s FX Series AOI for automated inspection of its printed circuit boards at their state-of-the art facility, located in Holland, Michigan.

Nordson YESTECH was awarded the new contract based on their advanced inspection technology, superior customer support and fast, reliable inspection. EBW Electronics serves a broad customer base in the automotive market and several industrial and commercial markets. EBWE focuses on electronic product design and manufacturing. Their flexible, high-speed automation lines provide capabilities to support a wide variety of customers from low-volume-high-mix to high-volume-low-mix. The FX Series AOI system is a valuable tool within EBW Electronic’s quality assurance program. Utilized in-line, for post reflow solder inspection of 100% of the products produced, the FX systems allow process control feedback to minimize and contain defects. Feedback from AOI goes directly back to solder stencil, pick and place, and solder reflow operations for immediate process enhancement. Nordson YESTECH’s user-friendly software was also a key factor in EBW Electronic’s decision, allowing for quick set up of new product inspection, with operators typically take less than 1 hour to create a complete inspection program, including solder inspection.

“The FX Series AOI has been very beneficial to our manufacturing process,” said Corey Steeby, President, EBW Electronics. “Key features of the system, such as the fusion lighting and the oblique cameras, provides us with the detailed inspection we require. The simple and fast system programming allows us to utilize the equipment effectively for prototypes and during product launches without slowing down our schedules. The FX has proven to be a very effective yield management and quality control tool for our organization.”

The FX series delivers a complete inspection solution, providing advanced automated inspection of solder and lead defects, component presence and position, correct part, polarity and through-hole parts. The FX Series AOI is equally well suited for high-volume or high mix manufacturing environments, providing fast throughput and high resolution for inspection of 01005 components. The system utilizes a standard package library to simplify training and ensure program portability across manufacturing lines. Nordson YESTECH’s Advanced Fusion Lighting™ and 5 megapixel image processing technology integrates several techniques, including color inspection, normalized correlation and rule-based algorithms, to provide complete inspection coverage with an extremely low false failure rate. And because the FX Series is configurable for all line positions, it is equally effective for paste, pre / post-reflow and final assembly inspection. Off-line programming maximizes machine utilization and real-time SPC monitoring provides a valuable yield enhancement solution.

“The team at Nordson YESTECH provides us with excellent service,” said Corey Steeby, President, EBW Electronics. “The training was detailed and the installation was well supported. EBWE reviewed other systems for price versus performance and soon decided on the Nordson YESTECH system. We place a high priority on technical support and felt very comfortable with the technical support they promised. YESTECH backed their promise up with excellent support, onsite training at installation as well as phone support. All the support has proven valuable and effective. EBWE started 6 years ago with our first YESTECH system. We will continue to turn to Nordson YESTECH for our inspection needs in the future.”

“It is always a pleasure to work with organizations such as EBW Electronics,” said Troy Johnson, Nordson YESTECH Sales Manager. “We are pleased to have once again been selected by EBWE and are proud to be an important part of their quality assurance program.”
About EBW
Since 1992 EBW Electronics has provided contract electronics design and manufacturing services. EBW Electronics has design expertise in power supply and microcontroller design. EBW Electronics has unique design expertise in the areas of fluorescent and LED lighting. EBW Electronics manufacturing capabilities include fully automated electronic assembly. Manufacturing capabilities include components through 0402 and BGA, X-Ray, AOI, bed of nails and functional testing. EBW Electronics is ISO9000:2000 certified. For more information on EE Technologies please visit

About Nordson YESTECH
Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Nordson YESTECH is a leading provider of automated optical and high-resolution x-ray inspection systems, with integrated yield enhancement solutions for the printed circuit board assembly and advanced semiconductor-packaging industries, Nordson YESTECH is operated and managed by a team of industry experts with a history of success, bringing powerful and cost-effective inspection to the electronics market. The company has sales offices and customer support centers in North America, Asia and Europe.
For more information on Nordson YESTECH and its products, visit  

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