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Publication Date: 12/1/2012
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ACL: Staticide® Eco-Friendly Floor Finish

Chicago, IL — ACL's 4300 Staticide Eco-Friendly Floor Finish complies with international and U.S. regulations (including California's Consumer Product Regulation to reduce VOCs), and provides static protection without harmful chemicals. This water-based static dissipative floor finish has low volatile ...Read More
AIM Now Offering Lead-Free SN100C Bar Solder Worldwide

Cranston, RI — AIM, a manufacturer of solder assembly materials, can now offer the lead-free SN100C solder alloy in bar solder form worldwide with the exception of the UK and Ireland. The company has been producing SN100C since 2005 and has helped hundreds of manufacturers to implement lead-free soldering on ...Read More
Brady Intros New Label Printer

Milwaukee, WI — Brady has introduced its BBP®33 industrial label printer. The new printing system is described as the first industrial printer in the market to have foolproof "drop-in" supplies that allow users to perform a complete supply changeover in less than 20 seconds, with no adjustments ...Read More
Brewer Science: New Generation Debonder

Rolla, MO — Brewer Science is introducing a new and improved thermal slide debonder that enables high-temperature slide-off of thinned compound semiconductor substrates in both R&D and low-volume production. The Cee 1300CSX thermal slide debonder uses computerized process control and according to the company ...Read More
CGI Americas Intros Advanced Test System

Santa Ana, CA — CGI Americas has introduced the Newly N=1 Checker first article test system for PCB assemblies. This is reportedly a revolutionary breakthrough in performance and cost. The Newly N=1 Checker has been developed for prototype, high mix/low volume, and pre-production applications as ...Read More
Chroma Adds High Accuracy Data Loggers

Lake Forest, CA — Chroma Systems Solutions has released its new 51101 series of multi-function data loggers. The new data loggers fulfill requirements of recording temperatures, voltages, currents, and other behavioral measurements during research, product development, production, and quality assurance ...Read More
Cicoil: Silicone Flex Cables for Outer Space

Valencia, CA — Approved by NASA for space flight, Cicoil's lightweight flat silicone cables are designed to withstand extensive exposure to high levels of radiation and dynamic temperature ranges of space (-65 to +260°C) with no adverse effects. The crystal-clear flat silicone-encapsulated cable ...Read More
Count On Tools: New Mydata Exchange Program

Gainsville, GA — Count On Tools Inc., a provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, has re-launched its Mydata Exchange Program for new customers. Manufacturers who have worn or broken Mydata Midas Nozzles can exchange them for a new tool at a discounted cost. For every Mydata Midas tool ...Read More
Europlacer Debuts ii-Feed Tape Feeding Trolley

Dorset, UK — Europlacer has launched a new evolution of its tape-feeding solution, the ii-Feed. The new product is based on the strengths of the company's proven concept of a cart plus elements but incorporates key aspects of its individual feeder technology, merging the best of both technologies ...Read More
Extech Introduces METERLiNK Industrial Android App

Nashua, NH — Extech Instruments, has released its new industrial app, "EX845 METERLiNK for Android." The new app allows electrical contractors and plant maintenance professionals who use Extech's EX845 clamp meter to remotely view and display readings from the meter on an Android phone or tablet ...Read More
Goepel Electronic Automates Use of Chip Embedded Instruments

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has developed an Automatic Application Program Generator (AAPG) for the utilization of Chip embedded Instruments based on the ChipVORX® technology.Read More
KIC Intros New Generation Profiler

San Diego CA — KIC has launched its KICstart2, a new generation data acquisition profiler. The compact and cost-effective profiler takes advantage of the company's easy-to-use graphical user interface. The profiler is designed for those users looking to quickly capture an accurate profile ...Read More
Manncorp: Benchtop Selective Soldering and Fluxing

Willow Grove, PA — The ULTIMA Series Selective Soldering and Fluxing Systems offer a new solution for soldering through-hole components and connectors to surface mount and mixed technology PCBs. Numerous engineering and design innovations have resulted in compact, bench-top systems loaded with features ...Read More
Molex: Temp-Flex Microwave Coaxial Cables

Lisle, IL — Microwave Cables from Temp-Flex, LLC., a Molex company, reportedly deliver exceptional electrical performance in military, aerospace and defense, robotics and medical markets, in addition to automatic test equipment.Read More
Multi-Seals: Pre-Shaped Adhesives for Sealing and Bonding

Manchester, CT — Multi-Seals, Inc. has introduced an innovative alternative to liquid adhesives for component assembly. Multi-Seals F05 Poly-forms are flexible pre-shaped adhesives designed for bonding diverse materials, including metals, plastics, and glass. F05 has negligible vertical flow ...Read More
Nordson ASYMTEK Jet Dispensing System for MEMS Devices

Carlsbad, CA — New from Nordson ASYMTEK is its jet dispensing system for wafer capping of MEMS. Jet dispensing can produce small, controlled, repeatable deposition of fluid and fine line widths of 0.3mm with sharp corners of 300µ for the sealing application. Wafer capping technology is used in ...Read More
Polyonics: Colored Polyimide Label Materials for PCBs

Westmoreland, NH — Using colored labels to quickly identify parts on mass production runs helps to manage inventory and save time and money. Polyonics has developed a series of colored polyimide labels for manufacturers who want to color code production/process lines. These labels survive lead-free ...Read More
Quick Stencil Tensioning System from QTS

Medway, MA — QTS, Inc. (Quick Tensioning Systems, Inc.) has introduced the Wizard Stencil Stretch Frame System, which is designed to save time, costs, shipping, and waste over the old labor-intensive industry method of assembling custom cast aluminum or tubular frames and stencil foils.Read More
SIPLACE: Smart Pin Support for PCBs

Munich, Germany — With its SIPLACE Smart Pin Support, ASM Assembly Systems provides a hardware-software combination that simplifies this previously cumbersome and complex support pin placement process for all boards. The newly developed pin picker picks up the support pins from the magazine during ...Read More
Spectral Evolution: Measuring Solar Devices

Lawrence, MA — For laboratory research applications that require UV measurement starting at 280nm, Spectral Evolution now offers the SR-3501 and SR1901 laboratory spectroradiometers. These instruments provide 280-2500nm and 280-1900nm capabilities, respectively for researchers working in applications ...Read More
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