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Publication Date: 12/1/2012
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NBS Expands its Design Engineering Services
Santa Clara, CA — EMS provider NBS is expanding its design engineering services to include complete electronic and mechanical design.

Founded in 1999 as a PCB design company, NBS delivers a wide variety of leading-edge services in PCB design, end-to-end manufacturing, test and verification. The company has also been offering comprehensive component services from its team of dedicated engineers — providing BOM scrub, RoHS review, obsolete alternate parts analysis and component standardization. The company has now expanded its engineering portfolio to include electronic, as well as mechanical design services.

"Our reputation in the U.S. market as PCB design experts is well established and widely known," commented Ian Grover, NBS VP of Design Engineering. "We can now take designs from initial concept or with a customer's spec and offer a complete turnkey solution through low volume manufacturing. Our clear advantage is our proven success in utilizing an integrated approach in which our manufacturing and test processes exchange continuous relevant feedback during all stages of the project with our expanded design team."

NBS President and CEO Michael Maslana added, "Our roots in PCB design created and have perpetuated a culture and skill set blend apart from virtually all others offering NPI services. Our ability to reduce the number of iterations abbreviates the engineering time cycle and results in our customers' getting their products to market quickly and cost effectively."

The company services technology businesses throughout the world and has facilities in Santa Clara, Calif., Santa Barbara, Calif., Nashua, NH, and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Contact: NBS, 2950 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054 408-654-1100 fax: 408-654-1107 E-mail: Web:

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