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Publication Date: 12/1/2012
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Nordson ASYMTEK Jet Dispensing System for MEMS Devices
Jet dispensing system for capping MEMS devices.
Carlsbad, CA — New from Nordson ASYMTEK is its jet dispensing system for wafer capping of MEMS. Jet dispensing can produce small, controlled, repeatable deposition of fluid and fine line widths of 0.3mm with sharp corners of 300µ for the sealing application. Wafer capping technology is used in MEMS devices such as inertial sensors, oscillators, and microfluidic packages.

Jet dispensing provides the flexibility needed to apply sealant in various shapes, especially for areas with geometric constraint or three dimensional structure surfaces. Sealant material, like silver paste, bonding adhesive, UV curable material, or low-temperature solder, is applied to the MEMS wafer side. A cavity wafer covers the MEMS structure by bonding it to the MEMS die wafer, and the two bonded wafers are diced together. The cover protects the wafer during the dicing process.

Wafer capping can provide a vacuum or low pressure using the desired material, and a hermetic, or almost hermetic, seal can be realized. When the glass cap wafer is used with UV curable material, UV light penetrates the glass wafer to cure the adhesive.

The process controls on the MEMS capping system ensure tight control of process variables such as fluid pressure, viscosity control, and volumetric control of the flow of the material for achieving the precise control of sealant lines necessary due to the delicate nature of the MEMS.

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