Saturday, June 23, 2018
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ERSA HQ Visited by Over 100 Worldwide Agents
WERTHEIM, Germany -   Participants were provided with comprehensive information on latest developments, trends and technologies at Ersa as well as on the markets
Ersa GmbH, a subsidiary of the Kurtz Ersa Corporation, welcomed about 100 sales partners from around the globe at their headquarters in Wertheim/Germany for their International Sales Meeting.

During this three-day-event the participants were provided with comprehensive information on latest developments, trends and technologies at Ersa as well as on the markets. The meeting focused on sales and marketing strategies as well as the introduction and coordination of the development roadmaps 2013 - 2015 for the Ersa machine and tool product ranges.

In addition in-depth product trainings consisting of both theoretical sessions and hands-on sessions at the machines and systems offered the participants a great opportunity to get acquainted with the latest product generation of Ersa's wide range. Apart from screen printers, selective and wave soldering systems the focus of this year's sales meeting was on the product novelties in the field of rework and hand soldering. Both the revolutionary Ersa HR 600 hybrid rework system and the brand new i-CON VARIO 4 multi-channel soldering station - which has even its own homepage - inspired the Ersa sales partners and provided further motivation for their daily work.

Ersa has made sustainable investments in process technology and software in order to provide even more efficient support to their sales partners. Thus the International Sales Meeting was also used to present the advantages of the newly launched B2B web shop to the Ersa sales and service network and to introduce the new CRM system which will be launched world-wide in 2013.

Apart from business talks covering products, technologies, markets, margins, prices and strategy the Ersa staff and its international sales partners had ample opportunity for personal conversations. Based on the long tradition of Ersa Sales Meetings and many long-term, successful business relations Ersa enjoys an excellent relationship with its sales and service partners. Consequently the International Sales Meeting also comprised two exciting evening events to maintain and further improve these relationships.

"After three days of most intensive information exchange all participants were deeply satisfied and had great confidence," declared Rainer Krauss, Ersa Sales Director. "In 2013, we shall introduce a lot of new systems and further developments to the market. Our guests left highly motivated and already looking forward to the upcoming International Sales Meetings scheduled in 2013 and 2014."

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