Monday, June 18, 2018
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QTS Offers Space-Saving Storage Solutions for All Types of Screen and Stencil Printing Frames
MEDWAY, MA -   QTS Stencil Storage Solutions provide safe storage with quick access from either side of the storage rack
Stencil foils and frames for electronic materials printing need to be stored safely to prevent damage, and at the same time conserve space and provide easy access. QTS Engineering Inc., developer of the patented Wizard Frame Tensioning System, offers the QTS Wizard Stencil Storage Solutions not only for the Wizard system but for other types of industry standard frames of all configurations. QTS Stencil Storage Solutions provide safe storage with quick access from either side of the storage rack. These racks are rugged and durable, and are manufactured in the U.S. of quality extruded aluminum. They are compact and space-efficient.

For QTS Wizard Stencil Container Frames, QTS Wizard Stencil Storage Solutions provides three (3) standard-sized racks in which each QTS Wizard Stencil Frame is held securely between injection- molded guides at the top and bottom, ensuring a perfect fit. Stencils are easy to label and identify. These racks are mounted on locking casters for mobility. For example, the 20” x 20” rack holds 300 stencils in only 2’x5’ of floor space.

The same style of storage rack can also hold Vector Guard Stencils and Space Saver Frames. This is because QTS storage racks are also configurable. Their injection-molded guides can be machined to suit individual requirements. And although these racks are for foil storage, we also make these racks for industry standard size tubular aluminum frames. QTS also provides racks for industry- standard Tubular Framed Stencils (e.g., this rack is 29" x 68.125" x 96" high).

QTS will custom design a rack specific to a customer’s needs, including racks with dust covers and racks built to fit inside Gorilla Racking. Many different options and configurations are available; for more information, visit or contact the company directly for pricing, specifications, and capabilities.

About QTS
QTS, Inc., or Quick Tensioning Systems, was founded in 1995 by printing machine systems pioneer and entrepreneur Gunter Erdmann. He had seen that it took quite a lot of time and resources to build a stencil and frame for electronic materials printing, and believed that he could engineer a way to do it faster, simpler, more inexpensively, and more efficiently. Today, in addition to the Wizard Stencil Stretch Frame System, QTS manufactures accessory products such as the Universal Stencil Adapter Frame, which converts tubular aluminum cast frames into an industry standard dimension to fit screen printing equipment, frame storage systems, and provides a range of precision CNC machining services. For more information, contact QTS at 4 Marc Road, Medway, Massachusetts, USA, Tel. 508-533-7819, or visit

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