Friday, June 22, 2018
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Enthone Appoints Chris Klok European Mkt. Mgr. OEM and PCB Finishes
West Haven, CT — Mr. Chris Klok has been appointed European Market Manager, OEM and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Finishes by Enthone. Mr. Klok is responsible for establishing and strengthening the company's OEM partnerships throughout the region, as well as providing continued value and collaboration with PCB fabrication customers.

Mr. Klok is working closely with the company's commercial, R&D and OEM teams to provide Enthone customers with technology solutions that address current and emerging industry requirements. He is also responsible for obtaining OEM specifications and approvals for the company's PCB final finish portfolio. Mr. Klok reports to Mr. Frando van der Pas, Director of Marketing — Electronics, Enthone Europe.


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