Saturday, June 23, 2018
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VJ Electronix Celebrates 10 Years of Growth
VJ Electronix, Inc., a leader in rework technologies and global provider of advanced X-ray inspection systems, announces that it will celebrate the company’s 10-year anniversary in 2013.

“It is hard to believe it has been 10 years. We have come a long way and made so much progress. Early on we introduced the Summit 1800, which has become perhaps the best selling, high-value rework system in the industry. Since then we have taken the NIS product line through a major overhaul and launched the revolutionary Micra rework system platform. We have faced a wide range of challenges and are proud of a solid decade of success,” commented Donald Naugler, President of VJ Electronix.

VJ Electronix, Inc. was founded when VJ Technologies, a leader in industrial X-ray inspection systems, acquired Teradyne’s manual X-ray inspection (MXI) systems and SRT rework systems business in 2003. Today, VJ Electronix offers manual and automated X-ray inspection systems and semi-automated and automated rework systems suited for a wide variety of electronics applications. The company’s customers include some of the world’s largest EMS and OEM companies.

The company has seen consistent growth over the past 10 years and currently serves a broad range of industries. Applications include high-volume consumer products such as mobile phones, netbooks, set-top boxes, game consoles and high-reliability/high-value applications found in aerospace, life-support and medical devices, as well as challenging applications like ultra-precision assemblies found in automotive, medical, harsh environments, industrial and commercial applications.

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