Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Heilind Acquires Mil-Aero Distributor, Interstate Connecting Components (ICC)
Heilind Electronics, Inc., North America's largest distributor of electronic interconnect products, has announced the acquisition of Interstate Connecting Components (ICC), a New Jersey-based distributor of electronic components for the military and aerospace industries.

Br> "We are very pleased to be welcoming ICC into the Heilind family," said Robert W. Clapp, president of Heilind Electronics. "ICC has long been a leader in customer service and technical support in the mil-aero industry and will greatly enhance Heilind's ability to support customers in that marketplace."

ICC is a privately held company serving electronics OEMs and contract manufacturers in the military and aerospace industries from its Lumberton, New Jersey headquarters and through its network of sales offices in New York, Alabama, New Mexico and California.

"Heilind Electronics is the preeminent distributor of commercial electronic connectors and we at ICC are thrilled to be joining the organization," said Scott Jacobs, ICC President. "We are excited at the prospect of bringing Heilind's substantial financial, process, service, and supplier resources to bear for the benefit of ICC's customers."

About Heilind Electronics
Founded in 1974, Heilind Electronics, Inc. (  is one of the world's leading distributors of connectors, relays, switches, thermal management & circuit protection products, terminal blocks, wire & cable, wiring accessories and insulation & identification products. Heilind has over 30 facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. Follow Heilind on Facebook at and on Twitter at

About Interstate Connecting Components
Founded in 1985, Interstate Connecting Components (  is a family run company with a long, successful history. The company was owned by brothers, Scott and Craig Jacobs and their mother Miriam Jacobs. In addition to its New Jersey Headquarters, the $40 million company has sales offices in New York, Alabama, New Mexico and California.

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