Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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SIPLACE Very-High-Force Head features placement force of 70 N
The new SIPLACE Very-High-Force Head is able to place components up to 30 millimeters high and 200 millimeters long with a force of up to 70 newtons
MUNICH, Germany -
With its new SIPLACE Very-High-Force Head for SIPLACE SX-series machines, ASM Assembly Systems addresses in particular the needs of electronics manufacturers who must place large components and connector modules on PCBs for automotive and automation applications without having to add a separate process. The more powerful motor in the Very-High-Force Head supplies placement forces of up to 70 N, enabling it to  even handle components featuring snap-in and TTH technologies. The components, which are picked up with nozzles or grippers, can be up to 30 millimeters high, up to 200 millimeters long and weigh up 100 grams.

More options – even more applications
Additional options supplement the utility of the SIPLACE Very-High-Force Head. One of these is the special OSC package for the SIPLACE WPC 5 and WPC 6 waffle-pack changers (with non-stop modules) which enable the changer to hold up to nine trays with components that are up to 30 millimeters high. And with the SIPLACE Smart Pin Support option, users can place support pins automatically in order to prevent boards from warping as a result of the new head's high placement force. The new Very-High-Force Head is available starting in January 2013.

"With its high placement force, the new head opens up a wide range of additional applications to the SIPLACE SX. Particularly in automotive applications, large connectors continue to be the technical standard, particularly on the dashboard, the navigation system, the engine controls, etc. Instead of needing separate machines and processes for these usually small lots and thus having to specialize entire lines, we now provide this capability with a new placement head that can be flexibly added to any interchangeable SX gantry," summarizes Sylvester Demmel, SIPLACE Product Manager.

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