Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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HELUKABEL? Participating in North America’s Broadest Automation Event
HELUKABEL®, one of the world’s leading cable manufacturers, will be participating at Automate 2013 being held January 21 – 24 in Chicago, IL to showcase their automation cabling expertise.

Widely used in manufacturing, be it packaging, food & beverage processing, automotive, or other production lines, automation allows companies to enhance productivity and reduce costs. Automate 2013 provides industry-leading companies from around the world an opportunity to display their latest technologies, equipment and systems, and interface directly with customers involved in the buying process from OEMs, machine builders, distributors, and research and labs, to name a few.

Located at booth #844, HELUKABEL® USA representatives will feature their vast selection of high-quality cables and cable accessories, which guarantee durable and reliable components capable of handling the high mechanical stress and repetitive movements of automation. Among the cable options on display will be data cables such as the PROFInet Type C Industrial Ethernet cable and PROFIbus L2 BUS cable, and the JZ-602 RC power cable.

The PROFInet Type C Industrial Ethernet is a polyurethane (PUR)-jacketed, copper data cable designed especially for heavy duty industrial applications. Its construction ensures superior transmission properties and allows it to be used during the most severe operating conditions. The PROFInet Type C Industrial Ethernet cable has a broad operating temperature range (-40°C to +80°C; -40°F to +176°F) and is suitable for use in torsion applications, such as robotic operations.

The PROFIbus L2 BUS cable has been designed for use in both torsional and flexing/festoon applications to connect PROFIbus BUS components between the control unit and the machine. Designed with PUR or PVC jackets, the L2 BUS is capable of withstanding operating temperatures between -25°C to +75°C (-13°F to +167°F), jacket material and application dependent. Suitable applications include robotics and cranes.

For export-oriented manufacturers, the JZ-602 RC is a UL, CSA, and GOST-R approved control power cable suitable for use in cable tracks for machines, machine tools, robots and automated machine parts that require continuous flexing cycles. This special PVC-jacketed cable is UV-resistant, can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +90°C (-40°F to +194°F) depending on the application, and can be used in dry, moist, or wet working environments. For applications that produce large amounts of electromagnetic interference (EMI), the JZ-602 RC has a shielded variant, the JZ-602 RC-CY, which prevents signal interference or “cross talk,” and can be used to ground the cable when connected to a metallic cord grip.

In addition to the individual cables and wires that HELUKABEL® manufactures for the automation field, pre-assembled cable solutions are also available. HELUKABEL®’s pre-assembled cable solutions, such as servo motor and feedback cables, meet the latest manufacturer requirements including Heidenhain, Lenze, Rexroth, SEW and Siemens, and allow for easy plug-and-play installation.

For more information on the above products or other HELUKABEL® products suitable for automated applications, please visit www.helukabel.com.

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