Friday, June 22, 2018
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Sensoray Introduces PCI Express Analog and Digital I/O, with Multistage Watchdog Timer

TIGARD, OR –    Sensoray's Model 826, a PCI Express Analog and Digital I/O board with multistage watchdog timer
Sensoray is proud to announce the newest member of their extensive line of OEM data acquisition cards with the release of the Model 826, a PCI Express Analog and Digital I/O board with multistage watchdog timer.

6 encoder/timer/counter interfaces, 16 differential analog inputs (16-bit, 300 kS/s), 8 analog outputs (16-bit, 900 kS/s), 48 bi-directional digital I/Os with edge capture, 3-stage watchdog timer and output fail-safe controller.

Its six 32-bit counters can operate as conventional timer/counters or in any of several special modes, directly supporting incremental quadrature encoders, PWM and pulse generation, frequency measurement, period measurement and pulse width measurement.

The board's watchdog timer and fail-safe controller work together to automatically assert fail-safe output levels in response to faults or external triggers. This makes the Model 826 well-suited for a wide range of measurement and control applications, including those requiring fail-safe operation and automated error recovery such as beverage and food processing, amusement park rides and laser cutting systems.

Sensoray provides a Windows/Linux compatible software development kit (SDK) for the Model 826 to accelerate program development. The SDK includes a comprehensive API that supports both polled and high-performance, event-driven operation, along with sample application programs.

Packaging and Pricing
Quantity 1 pricing for the Model 826 is $660. OEM volume discounts are also available.

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