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Robotics Program Prepares Students for Life

Camdenton, MO — American students still lag alarmingly behind students in China and Western Europe, reports several student testing services. While there has been a small improvement in U.S. high school student performance, there's still a great deal of work ahead if the U.S.A. is ...

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Mirtec: Exclusive AOI Deal with Bosch

Plymouth, UK — Mirtec Europe has been chosen as the exclusive AOI partner for Bosch for the next five years. The multi-million dollar agreement, signed on March 20, 2013, calls for Mirtec to be exclusive supplier for multiple MV-9 2D/3D AOI systems.
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Leading Indicators Offer Optimism for PCB Sales

Bannockburn, IL — While North American manufacturing begins another slow recovery and leading indicators point to modest business expansion in the coming months, the PCB industry has not yet felt the effects of this turnaround, according to the latest edition of IPC North American PCB Market Report. The report ...
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Private/Government Partnership to Beef up Cyber Security

Rockville, MD — Cyber security is on top of the list of pressing needs for a new partnership formed of government agencies and private corporations. In recognition of the critical need to protect private-sector intellectual property and other valuable business data from a growing number of cyber threats, 11 ...
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Trojan Horse Partnerships Key to Success in Printed Electronics

Boston, MA — The traditional electronics partnership model of suppliers soliciting and meeting specs from brand owners and end users breaks down in emerging electronics applications like printed, flexible, and organic electronics (PFOE). Instead, material suppliers and manufacturers need to use new relationships ...
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