Thursday, June 21, 2018

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All-in-One Microscope from Keyence
Multi-purpose microscope.
Itasca, IL — Keyence Corporation has released a new multipurpose microscope, the VHX-700F, which allows users to leverage some of the advanced functions of the VHX Series, such as depth composition and 3D display, while offering the same image quality and primary measurement capabilities at a lower price point. The new instrument incorporates observation, measurement, and image recording capabilities into a single device, while offering all of the imaging techniques found in traditional inspection equipment. The microscope has a 0.1X to 5,000X magnification range and provides bright field, dark field, and transmitted illumination. Additional attachments offer polarized, diffused, and DIC imaging methods. Users can also inspect inside of small openings with a complete lineup of borescopes and fiberscopes.

By combining the technology generally found in stereoscopic, metallurgical, measurement, and scanning electron microscopes, the VHX-700F is able to accentuate the strengths of these systems while avoiding many of their limitations. Not only can images be captured entirely in focus with the exceptionally large depth-of-field, but a variety of measurements can be completed directly on the image with just a click of the mouse. A multi-angle stand is paired with a rotating stage to allow 360° views without the need to fixture or manipulate the sample, and the camera easily detaches for handheld, non-destructive imaging of larger parts.

Contact: Keyence Corporation of America, 1100 N. Arlington Heights Rd., Suite 210, Itasca, IL 60143 888-539-3623 fax: 201-930-1883 E-mail: Web:

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