Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Koh Young America Expands to New Chandler, AZ Facility
Koh Young America staff members gather in the new Training and Process laboratory at KYA’s new facility in Chandler, AZ, with General Manager Harry Yun (Second from right). 

CHANDLER, AZ - Koh Young Technology, a global leader in 3D measurement technology for electronics assembly, announces the relocation of Koh Young America’s offices, process development lab, and showroom to a larger facility nearby. The move was prompted by the need for more space, particularly for training and customer demonstrations, driven by the continuing growth of Koh Young America. The relocation became effective on September 1, 2013.

In making the announcement, Harry Yun, General Manager of Koh Young America, said, “Our new, larger facility has allowed us to expand our Training and Process laboratory, which is a great benefit to our customers here in the Americas. We’ve been able to add new equipment and technology to better address the needs and process problem-solving issues of our customers and friends.” Harry added that the added room to conduct demos and perform hands-on training would be welcome as Koh Young’s customer base in the Americas has expanded.

The new address is as follows:  Koh Young America Inc.  6150 W. CHANDLER BLVD SUITE #39  CHANDLER, AZ 85226  : +1-480-403-5000
Fax : +1-480-403-5001    E-mail :

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