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Heyco Releases Wire Protection Catalog
Catalog of wire protection and grip devices.
Toms River, NJ — Heyco Products, Inc. is now offering a new 20-page catalog highlighting the company's complete line of V-0 Nylon, Metal, and All New Aluminum Liquid Tight Cordgrips, Locknuts, Tapered Caps & Plugs, and Break-Thru Plugs.

The catalog presents the company's extensive line of wire protection products and power components — Nylon Cordgrips in a variety of cable diameter sizes and materials including: Heyco®-Tite Liquid Tight Cordgrips (Halogen Free V-0, Straight-Thru); new Heyco-Tite Aluminum Liquid Tight Cordgrips (Straight-Thru, 90° Angle NPT Hubs); new Heyco-Tite Cast Aluminum Liquid Tight Cordgrips (Straight-Thru, NPT Hubs); Metal Locknuts; HEYBrid Brass/Nylon Liquid Tight Cordgrips (PG and Metric Hubs); Heyco-Tite Brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips (NPT, PG, and Metric Hubs); Heyco-Tite EMC-2 Nickel-Plated Brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips with Contact Sleeve (Metric Hub); Heyco-Tite EMC Nickel-Plated Brass Locknuts (PG and Metric Threaded); Heyco-Tite EMC Nickel-Plated Brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips with Contact Sleeve (PG and Metric Hubs); Heyco-Tite Metallic Liquid Cordgrips (NPT Hubs, Steel and Zinc Die-Cast); new HEYCap Tapered Caps (for NPT Fitting Hubs); new HEYCap Tapered Plugs (for NPT Threaded Mounting Holes); and HEYCo-molded Liquid Tight Break-Thru Plugs 0.250-in. (6.4mm) thick.

All product pages contain a product photo, key features and benefits, a chart containing cable diameter range in inches and millimeters, part numbers, descriptions and dimensions, and a Quick Spec chart with material, certification, flammability, temperature, and IP ratings.

Contact: Heyco Products, Inc., P.O. Box 517, Toms River, NJ 08754 800-526-4182 or 732-286-1800 fax: 800-358-7904 or 732-244-8843 E-mail: Web:

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