Monday, June 25, 2018
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Murata MEF1 regulated DC-DC converter provides 3 kVDC isolation

MANSFIELD, MA - Murata today announced the MEF1 series of 1 Watt regulated DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions. Suitable for use in industrial, automation and instrumentation applications, these tightly regulated single output converters, rated to better than 1% of nominal output voltage, are packaged in a fully encapsulated single-in-line through-hole format occupying less than 1.17 cm squared footprint.

The MEF1 converters are available with either 1kVDC or 3kVDC input to output isolation, the latter model having an enhanced immunity to voltage transients. Output voltage options are 3.3 or 5.0 VDC, with input voltages covering the popular nominal inputs from 3.3 to 24 VDC.

Compared to previously available models, the MEF1 offers a 13% improvement in energy efficiency. Both the 3.3 VDC input and 3.3 VDC output options can operate over the full industrial temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees C without derating.

Ann-Marie Bayliss, Product Manager, Murata Power Solutions comments, “With the 1 Watt MEF1 we have significantly improved efficiency for this regulated converter as well as adding 3.3 VDC voltage options. The series is ideal for customer applications that are demanding better efficiency and reliability for their industrial applications such as process control and automation.”

Certification to the internationally recognized safety standard UL60950 is pending.

CONTACT: Murata Power Solutions, Inc., 11 Cabot Boulevard Mansfield, MA 02048-1151, USA PH: +1-508-339-3000 Fax: +1-508-339-6356

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