Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Innovative Circuits Upgrades Laser Drilling Operations

ALPHARETTA, GA -  Innovative Circuits,  Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new ESI 5330xi UV Laser Drill.   The unit features an 11 watt UV laser with variable repetition frequency up to 90 kHz.  The ESI’s 2-stage camera alignment system will provide near perfect registrations within 20 microns over the entire working surface. 

“This acquisition was essential for Innovative to maintain its status as a leader in complex Flex and Rigid Flex manufacturing” states Dale Lovell, ICI’s chief engineer. Lovell expressed excitement for the future as “The laser drill enables us to expand our capability to provide precise micro via drilling in a wide variety of substrates”.   Highly accurate profiling of Flex, Teflon and other copper clad materials can be achieved with benefits including precision slot cutting, 2 mil radius in corners, hairline cuts and control depth milling. Pairing this with its capability to drill high quality micro, blind and buried vias provides ICI with another state of the art tool for years to come. 

Since 1998, Innovative Circuits has maintained itself as a leader for quick turn, high tech manufacturing of flexible and rigid-flex circuits and multilayer rigid printed circuit boards. Our services  continue to be in high demand for commercial, military and aerospace applications. To learn more visit

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