Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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PVA Joins with Alpha Electronics to Display Conformal Coating at InterNepcon Japan 2014

COHOES, NY –  PVA is partnering with Alpha Electronics Corporation for the 43rd InterNepcon Japan.  Featured in the Alpha Electronics booth, East Hall 4-12, will be the PVA2000 Selective Coating System, showcasing its expert coating capabilities. While PVA's full product line encompasses selective coating, surface mount adhesives, automated dispensing, meter mix dispensing, manual dispensing and custom automation, the system exhibited at the show will target coating applications for Japan’s electronics market.

The PVA2000 Selective Coating System administers an efficient process for applying conformal coatings while eliminating labor-intensive masking operations. It is a flexible robotic platform that features a robust overhead three-axis motion platform suitable for inline or batch operation. In addition, an optional, patented servo-controlled four-axis motion platform, featuring valve tilt and rotate, is available for more complex coating and dispensing processes. PVA's fourth-axis motion allows rotation of the entire dispense head permitting access to all sides of a component. The PVA2000 can be configured with any combination of spray and dispense valves for process optimization

During InterNepcon Japan, 15 - 17 January, 2014, delegates from PVA and Alpha Electronics will be available to answer your questions regarding the PVA2000 System, as well as general coating and dispensing application questions.

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