Thursday, June 21, 2018
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RFID, Inc Releases 868, 915 MHz Tags and Readers
AURORA, CO - RFID, Inc. has announced the release of a passive Tag 915 MHz and 868 MHz UHF (ultra-high frequency) RFID product line of Tags and Readers. They are very proud of the work accomplished over the past 2 years to complete this comprehensive product offering. During the past 6 months, pilots and trials have resulted in an optimistic 2014 forecast of 1,000 Readers and millions of Tags.

RFID, Inc.'s UHF Reader products are produced in the USA. The company is USA owned and has been in operation since 1984, serving industrial automation(WIP and discrete processes), automotive, personnel/asset/vehicle ID, medical, consumable goods authentication, entertainment & customer loyalty programs, AGV's, routing and ASRS markets.

In addition, RFID, Inc. has released a suite of UHF Reader products marketed as the most user friendly for programming of Tags. The current rules and guidelines for programming EPC Tags are very cumbersome and detailed for the average user whose application does not need to comply with EPC. If a trucking company simply wants to program 1,000 Tags from one to one thousand, a simple command of [W0001] programs the first Tag. RFID, Inc.'s Reader firmware does all of the behind the scenes work. Likewise, if a user wishes to encode a vehicle's VIN number into a Tag, simply key stroking the VIN number into RFID, Inc.'s Write command is all that is needed. Commands and Reader settings can be entered into the Reader via a software program RFID, Inc. offers free of charge, or by any terminal program, such as HyperTerminal. All commands and replies are visible via standard human readable ASCII characters. "Our clients wanted it simple, and we listened" says John Martinez, RFID, Inc.'s VP of Sales and 16 year veteran to the RFID industry. RFID, Inc. will also offer the same line of products that are fully compliant to EPC guidelines.
CONTACT: RFID, Inc.  14100 E. Jewell Ave Suite 12  Aurora, CO 80012     PH:303.366.1234

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