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A First Look at Black Chrome Solder Tips

PROMATION, Inc. provides PCB handling solutions and robotic soldering systems to the electronics manufacturing sector. Mr. Goldberg would like to thank Francisco Fourcade, (FOURCAD Inc.) who is a Master IPC Certified Instructor and Michael Goldberg (PROMATION) for their participation ...

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Guidelines for Ensuring PCB Manufacturability

Rules for designing printed-circuit boards (PCBs) have changed little over the years, although modern circuit boards are being asked to deliver more performance and more functionality in smaller and smaller pieces of real estate. The need for smaller, more-complex circuit boards for smartphones, computer ...

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Important Considerations When Seeking A New CM

Selecting an electronics contract manufacturer (CM) traditionally has involved a search overseas for the right company, often in China or elsewhere in the Far East, and an opportunity to enjoy savings in manufacturing costs once the CM had proven capable of providing the necessary quality ...
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What's Next for Outsourcing?

From the OEM's standpoint, the market seems to just get more and more complex, more global, more demanding. Time to market is shrinking, market windows close faster, competitors catch up quicker and end users want the latest gadget custom built to their personal needs and delivered yesterday. All this while additional pressure from consumers and governments seem to want to dictate where and how you manufacture those products and even whom you partner with.

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