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Machine Vision Products to introduce the Supra 3D at IPC APEX EXPO 2014
CARLSBAD, CAMachine Vision Products (MVP), a leader in Automated Optical Inspection, will be demonstrating an expanded applications toolbox as well as introducing new AOI technologies at IPC APEX EXPO 2014 in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Center in Las Vegas from March 25 to 27. MVP is exhibiting at Booth #901.

MVP base their operations for innovative design, development and manufacturing in Carlsbad, California at their Corporate Headquarters. All of MVP’s AOI systems are made in the USA and December 2013 saw MVP proudly celebrate 20 years of supplying the AOI systems to leading manufacturers on a global basis.

Introducing the new Supra 3D
MVP will introduce their newest addition to their range of AOI solutions, the Supra 3D.

Based on the Supra E platform, the Supra 3D introduces MVP’s advanced 3D AOI capabilities for enhanced detection of post reflow lifted lead defects and other process detractors down to 01005 components.

This newest addition complements MVP's advanced color detection with 3D and allows user to benefit from the power of superb detection of hard defects and advanced visualization.

Configured with both traditional 2D AOI and MVP’s advanced 3D technology the Supra 3D features MVP’s ease of use ePro programming suite as well as MVP’s auto-optimizing validate feature.  

The advanced 3D is truly flexible allowing users to select to use 3D on specific component types or individual reference designators, or to use full 3D coverage.

Introducing the Spectra

MVP is to display the Spectra large format AOI solution for the first time at this year’s IPC APEX EXPO.

Built on the robust design of the Supra and Ultra series this system uses a tri-linear stage and comes in two formats. The Spectra is be capable of inspection of boards up to 24”x24” and the Spectra XL is capable of an inspection envelope of up to 24”x36”.

The Spectra can be configured for both SMT inspection and with confocal inspection capability specifically developed for the inspection of press fit connectors.

The Spectra is one of the recent additions to our robust and flexible AOI series and now provides solutions for the largest of PCB assemblies. Positioned to support even the largest assemblies for datacoms, telecoms, server and military markets, the Spectra series now brings the ease of use, high performance and the flexibility of our Supra and Ultra series into the Large Board AOI arena.  

The Supra E

MVP will be demonstrating the latest Supra E AOI. As MVP’s entry level AOI solution the Supra E provides the best cost to performance ratio for any AOI system

The Supra E is capable of inspecting 20x20 inch (508x508mm) boards the system utilizes MVP’s latest ease-of-use software and includes options for automatic database generation from a variety of input sources without the need for 3rd party data translators.

As with all of MVP’s inline SMT focused AOI solutions, the Supra E comes standard with a true 10 micron pixel resolution for inspection of components as small as 01005, with full solder inspection.


Discover MVP’s Microelectronics Applications

MVP’s expert team is ready to discuss any Microelectronics applications during the IPC APEX EXPO.

MVP supports the widest range of microelectronics applications with the MVP 850G platform.

Multiple material handling solutions can be combined with the 850G platform providing for Lot Solutions including MVP’s own Magazine Lifters/Indexers, Jedec Trays, Waffle Packs, and Auer Boats.

MVP’s inline solutions allow for both single and dual lane processing, and strip handling. MVP also provide custom handling solutions.

In addition handling solutions can now also be configured to provide tray/pallet flipping to allow inline, double sided inspection.

The 850G is flexible within multiple locations of microelectronics and packaging lines. For Lead Frame processes the Ultra 850G can be placed Post Die Bonder, Post Wire Bonder or Post Solder Ball Attach. With resolution and repeatability a critical factor, the Ultra 850G can be configured to provide a 1um pixel size


Introducing MVP’s AutoNetworker

MVP AOI inspection solutions are based on measurement data rather than comparative techniques. The resultant variable and attribute data can be stored by the MVP AutoNetworker in its structured database. The AutoNetworker can be configured for multiple process environments such as SMT, BGA or Leadframe Inspection.

MVP has developed a truly flexible Web Reporting utility driven by the AutoNetworker data that allows users to access multiple report tools for both Management and Engineering. MVP will be demonstrating the AutoNetworker Web Reporting configured for SMT at IPC APEX EXPO 2014.

For additional information, contact MVP,  at   PH: 1-800-260-4MVP or +1-760-438-1138   or visit booth #901 at IPC APEX EXPO.

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