Thursday, May 24, 2018
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International Manufacturing Services (IMS) Announces Availability of Face-Down Taping for A-0402WA Attenuator
PORTSMOUTH, RI- International Manufacturing Services, Inc. announced today that the A-0402WA attenuator is now available taped face-down in the pocket. The part number for this orientation is IMS2652. This taping arrangement has previously been available for the A-0603 (IMS2533) and A-0805 (IMS1141) sizes. Now all three of the most popular sizes of the A-Series are available in both face up and face down arrangements.

While wraparound attenuators work extremely well in face up placement, the usable frequency range can be broadened and flattened by mounting the part face down. Face-down orientation places the attenuator elements in the same plane as the surrounding circuitry, thereby minimizing stray capacitance and inductance effects of the wraparounds. This placement also aids in minimizing insertion loss and VSWR effects.

About IMS

Since 1974, IMS has been supplying the electronics manufacturing industries with highest quality thick and thin film chip resistors, terminations, attenuators, couplers, thermal management devices and other RF and Microwave components.

For more information, visit,  or contact the company at 50 Schoolhouse Lane, Portsmouth, RI, 02871 USA,

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