Friday, May 25, 2018
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PROMATION’s “Quality In Design” Outshines the Competition

There is no question that PROMATION is a key player in the world of printed circuit board (PCB) handling solutions offered in today’s marketplace. But what differentiates PROMATION from companies claiming to offer a premium solution? Many times when a customer is making a decision to automate a process in order to decrease cycle time or increase product throughput, they can be bombarded with proposals by many companies claiming to offer “the best” solution.

This upcoming fall will be PROMATION’s 15th anniversary and the company is proud to have provided customers with outstanding solutions and products that fit or surpass expectations. Hence, there must be a reason why PROMATION has been fortunate enough to have survived through a turmoil economy and –to this day - continues to provide PCB handling solutions to the electronics industry. The answer may be rather simple; however, the road to achieving world-class status — which is where PROMATION now stands — is, in fact, more complex. Over the years, PROMATION has continually reviewed applications, processes, customer feedback and product offerings to remain competitive and to offer continual improvement to product designs.


On a recent visit with contract manufacturer Dynalab, whose facility is located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, PROMATION was able to conduct a comprehensive review of systems that had originally been installed more than nine years ago. “This visit has been both educational and informative,” said Gary Goldberg, President and CEO of PROMATION. “By understanding and analyzing the life spans of equipment currently undergoing real-life scenarios, we gain important insights as to our excellence and our areas allowing for improvement. As a manufacturer of premium solutions, it is vital that we understand how our equipment performs in the field and that we continually offer outstanding support, ensuring that our customers remain at the highest level of satisfaction.”

Because Dynalab is continuously presented with unique manufacturing opportunities, its capabilities have stayed diverse and vertically integrated. Dynalab provides a wide range of technologies, including-through hole and surface mount PCB assembly, wire harness and cable assembly, insert molding, and electromechanical assembly.

Craig Reiselt, Director of Manufacturing for Dynalab, reported running PROMATION’s equipment virtually incident-free over the past nine years. “We have achieved great faith in PROMATION’s products,” says Craig Reiselt, “By incorporating handling systems that perform well in a high output environment we allow ourselves more time dedicated towards our products; while eliminating time spent troubleshooting the production line.” Dynalab is a high-volume shop that runs three shifts, often seven days a week and has rigorously worked the equipment.

PROMATION’s technical review noted that the equipment was still in excellent condition (considering the workload) and would continue to perform for many more years with regular upkeep.

So what is the key to PROMATION’s success?

The company believes that an honest and well-designed product is the key element. By introducing products that require less maintenance and troubleshooting while increasing flexibility on the production floor, it has succeeded in retaining a strong foundation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium automated solutions. While most of PROMATION’s designs remain proprietary, it believes that the “quality in design” is truly the most important aspect to its success.

It is well known that not much has changed in the conveying industry with regards to the simple transport of PCBs from one process to the next. However, PROMATION has managed to offer customers long-lasting custom solutions that best fit their needs without over complication. Some of these outstanding solutions include: traceability solutions (tracking of a PCB from initial birth until final assembly), intelligent routing systems, large platform handling solutions, automatic label placement and much more.

As PROMATION looks toward celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, it surely has many things to be thankful for. “Without our customers’ trust and loyalty, PROMATION simply would not exist,” concludes Gary Goldberg. “We are now entering a new golden era of electronics manufacturing, and we are proud to have served so many excellent customers with a truly premium solution. We are excited about the advancements in technology unfolding within our industry and look forward to celebrating another 15 years of excellence. ”

To find out what PROMATION can do for you; give us a call today and see why more people are choosing PROMATION than ever before.



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