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Everett Charles Technologies Brings the Latest Advances in Electrical Testing to DMEDS
POMONA, CA  ― Everett Charles Technologies (ECT), a division of LTX-Credence, today announced that it will exhibit in Booth #557 at the Del Mar Electronics & Design Show (DMEDS), scheduled to take place April 30-May 1, 2014 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego.

The Fixture Services Group (FSG) will exhibit the following new technologies:

  • ZOOM ― Designed based on ECT’s proven Tilt-Pin technology, the ZOOM uses solid pins to transfer all test point targets to a grid, allowing the use of 2.54mm (.100") probes. Using this patented technology; ECT is testing .38mm (.015") targets on centers as close to .6mm (.024"). The ZOOM is available on all test platforms including Agilent, Genrad, Teradyne and TRI Test Fixtures.
  • Pneumatic Dual Stage Fixture ― The maintenance friendly fixture features LED dual stage status indicators and offers reliable operation in production cycle after cycle with significant improvements in cycle-time of dual stage testing. In the event of a power failure to the fixture and tester, the fixture can still be manually released and freed from its dual stage mode, thereby preventing damage to the probes, PCBA and other expensive components.

ECT’s Contact Products Group (CPG) will demonstrate its latest POGO® style contacts for OEM, automotive, industrial, semiconductor, and PCBA test applications including:

  • Expanded Line of Battery Probes ― ECT’s versatile line of battery interconnect probes provide design flexibility to match any performance, cost and assembly requirements. The company’s design expertise and complete manufacturing capabilities can help bring products to market faster and easier.
  • Configurable Compliant Connectors ― As the innovator in POGO® pin technology, ECT provides the next generation of spring contact pin technology for developing high reliability spring contact systems.  ECT offers an online design configurator to allow customers to select their own pin types and quantities within the connectors for varying applications.
  • Miniature Spring Contacts ― ECT offers a wide selection of miniature spring contacts, such as Bantam®, ZIP® and Mini-Mite®, that can be utilized for device test or high reliability compliant connectors.
  • Expanded line of LFRE PCBA Test Probes ― A wider variety of LFRE tip styles provides the flexibility to meet any application needs. The probe tips are manufactured with ECT’s MicroSharp and plated with ECT’s proprietary LFRE plating technology, offering resistance to contamination and wear in today’s lead-free applications for the ultimate in long-lasting tip sharpness and contact integrity.

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