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10W DC-DC Converter from ConTech

Concord, CA — ConTech, a Division of Calex, has introduced its TMR Series of DC-to-DC converters, which offer up to 10 Watts of fully regulated output power in a 2 x 1-in. case with an industry standard footprint. The series offers a 2:1 input range with nominal input voltages of 12, 24, and 48VDC ...

Agilent: Discontinuous Disturbance Measurements

Santa Clara, CA — Agilent Technologies Inc. has added disturbance analyzer capabilities as a standard feature of its N9038A MXE EMI receiver. For those who need to make discontinuous-disturbance, or click, measurements, the MXE simplifies and automates data collection, analysis and report generation ...

Anderson Power: 3 Position Mini Connector

Sterling, MA — Anderson Power Products (APP) has added the Panel Mount Connector to the 3 Position Mini PL family of SPEC Pak® sealed connectors. This compact, panel mountable connector is capable of 22 amps at 600VAC/DC (UL).

API Technologies Intros Switched Filter Banks

Orlando, FL — API Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:ATNY) is introducing a new line of standard switched filter banks with customer-specified frequency bands from 2 to 7 channels. With lead times as short as four weeks, the configurable solution

Bentek: 2nd Gen Fused Disconnect Safety System

San Jose, CA — Bentek Solar, manufacturer of a broad range of products connecting PV panels to inverters worldwide for the residential, commercial and utility-scale marketplaces, has started shipping the second generation Fused Disconnect Safety System (FDSS).

Binder Adds Spark Resistant PUR Cable

Camarillo, CA — Binder-USA has added spark resistant PUR cables to the M12 cordset lineup. The robust PUR cable ensures a resistance to sparks, wear, impact and flexibility. The new M12 A-coded cordsets are well suited for robot welding lines in the automation industry.

C&K Intros Two New Switch Lines

Newton, MA — C&K Components has expanded its product line of compact PCB-mounted switches to include two new medium power switch series that provide either momentary or locking actuation configurations.

Cicoil Intros High Flex, High Temp Coaxial Cables

Valencia, CA — Cicoil has introduced its Ultra Flexible and High Temperature Coaxial Cables. Unlike industry standard Semi-Rigid Coax products, the cables have been designed for tight routing installation, continuous motion, phase stability, excessive heat (+260°C) and extremely cold bend temperature ...

Cleco Vertical Grinders from APEX

Lexington, SC — Cleco Tools, a business unit of Apex Tool Group, LLC, launched its new Vertical Grinder product line. Designed for high productivity and maximum material removal, the new vertical grinders are engineered for heavy metal fabrication processes in multiple industries including shipbuilding ...

congatec: Yocto for Qseven Module

San Diego, C — congatec, Inc., a manufacturer of Embedded Computer Modules, is using the new Yocto Project BSP (Board Support Package) for more stability for a large variety of customer requirements.

Conta-Clip: Pluggable Tension-Spring Connection System

Somerset, NJ — The ZST pluggable, tension-spring connection system from Conta-Clip incorporates modular and flexible connection technology for quick installation and wiring safety. The ZST tension-spring connection makes possible pluggable wiring up to a rated current of 24A, a rated voltage of 500V ...

Crystek Intros Coax Resonator Oscillator

Fort Myers, FL — Crystek's new CVCO55CXT-6000-6075 Coaxial Resonator Oscillator (CRO) is a coaxial-based VCO with an internal proprietary frequency doubler. The CVCO55CXT family's frequency doubling, 2X fundamental technology reaches new performance levels of lower phase noise and much lower harmonics ...

CUI Intros 60A Digital Point-of-Load Modules

Tualatin, OR — CUI Inc. has introduced a new family of digital point of load DC-DC modules that reportedly set performance benchmarks in efficiency, power density, and transient response to address the rapidly-rising power challenges in distributed power architectures. The NDM3ZS-60 is a non-isolated ...

Dimmable Buck LED Driver from Diodes Inc.

Plano, TX — Diodes Incorporated has introduced a dimmable buck LED driver that enables a reduction in component count and PCB size in 12 and 24V LED lighting systems and MR16-type LED lamps. The AL8807B is a hysteretic driver with an integrated power switch and operates at a switching frequency of ...

Fairview Intros Low Loss Cable Assemblies

Allen, TX — Fairview Microwave, Inc. a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF products, is introducing a new line of low loss test cables using LL335i and LL142 coax. Rated to 18GHz, these new low loss cable assemblies are suitable for test environments where a rugged, phase stable cable assembly ...

Fast LCD Graphics Module from Electronic Assembly

Gilching, Germany — The LCD graphics module EA DIP180B-5LWTP from Electronic Assembly is being offered in a new narrow format, with external dimensions of only 102 x 27 x 11mm (viewable screen area 88 x 19mm). It is suitable for use in 19-in. racks, where it can be accommodated in a single RU. Even ...

FasTest LuerMate Connectors Simplify Testing

Minneapolis, MN — FasTest, Inc. introduces its new LuerMate connector series, designed to provide seamless connection to all standard female medical Luer configurations. A simple-to-use, sleeve operation eliminates repetitive twisting and turning, and the connectors simplify testing processes and ...

Gigahertz-Optik Intros Calibration Standard

Newburyport, MA — Gigahertz-Optik has introduced the ISS-17-VA Integrating Sphere Source calibration standard for spectral radiance and luminance. An unusual and key feature of the ISS series is a variable light intensity output, while maintaining a constant color temperature.

Heavy-Duty AC-DC Supplies from Schaefer

Hopkinton, MA — Schaefer Inc. is unveiling its 500W and 600W models for its popular TER family of 250W to 1500W low profile, AC-DC power supplies. The new TER-500LP and TER-600LP models are uniquely sealed in a heat-conducting potting material and have an ultra-wide temperature range of -50°C ...

Heidenhain's QUADRA-CHEK v3.0.3 Upgrade Now Available

Schaumburg, IL — Now available, the latest release of Heidenhain's PC-based IK 5000 QUADRA-CHEK metrology software (version 3.0.3) provides advanced functionality for both new and used quality control inspection equipment. The IK 5000 can be used to retrofit multiple brands and types of inspection ...
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