Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Photo Stencil Offers NiCut Step Stencils
NiCut step stencil.
Colorado Springs, CO — Photo Stencil, LLC is now making its step stencils using the company's the company's special new NiCut high-performance stencil technology that delivers the quality advantages of an electroform stencil, but with faster turn-around time.

Step stencils offer significant flexibility in achieving the proper solder paste height and volume for the overall paste printing process, especially when trying to print on boards that contain very small components or components of different heights. Advantages include smooth squeegee side stencil surface, a uniform step thickness, the NiCut trapezoidal aperture, and excellent paste transfer.

NiCut stencils give excellent results for fine-pitch components including BGAs, QFNs, and resistor networks. In the NiCut step stencil, the squeegee side steps are grown using the electroform process, for example a stencil that is 5 mil thick with a step-down to 3 mils in some areas, a step-down to 4 mils in some areas, and a step-up to 7 mils in some areas. For this stencil the electroform process is straight-forward. The stencil is plated up to 3 mils, the 3 mil area is blocked off with resist and the plating continues to 4 mils, the 4 mil area is blocked off with resist, the plating continues to 5 mils, then this area is blocked off with resist leaving only the 7 mil area exposed for continued plating. The stencil is removed from the electroforming mandrel. All apertures are then cut into the stencil foil. Any relief pockets that are required are chem-etched on the contact side prior to laser cutting.

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