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SolderLab Offers More Than Just Solder Analysis

SAN DIEGO, CA — July 2014 — SolderLab is an independent test facility specializing in the analysis and measurement of solder alloys used in the electronics and electro-mechanical manufacturing industries. Its services include solder analysis of wave solder machines and solder pots. SolderLab tests for impurities based on J-STD-001E for most tin and lead based alloys. 

SolderLab offers more than just solder analysis: it includes full service monitoring and testing of your solder, making the whole process of ordering, testing and gathering test results simpler than ever before. SolderLab’s featured service, PotWatch, takes over the responsibility of keeping your solder testing schedule compliant to IPC solder purity requirements. An easy, one-time online enrollment provides you with an annual contract with SolderLab for solder analysis services of any timing or interval testing period of your choice. Schedule your test dates on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis and you can be assured that your solder testing routine will never change or be forgotten. Never again have those nagging thoughts about if your solder is in spec or worry that a customer’s audit will discover something you didn’t know.

All you need to do is request the frequency for solder testing, add how many samples should be tested at this frequency, and SolderLab will take care of the rest. At intervals of your choice, SolderLab will send an automated email alert that will notify you that one of their distinctive blue sample return envelopes is on its way. With a solder collection cup and sample draw instructions / data collection card included in the every envelope, all you do is fill the cup with solder, complete the sample card, attach the return address label and mail it back. Within 48 hours of receipt of your sample, you will receive a detailed Certificate of Analysis via email - simple, fail-safe quality assurance.


Once and done? Only if that is what you want. SolderLab offers solder analysis service levels that are flexible with Flex test services. With Flex, the entire year’s test envelope kits are sent to you at the time of your order. Send your sample to us at intervals of your choice and receive the same easy to understand quick analysis response from SolderLab. Simply order once and the rest of the year is covered.

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About is an independent solder analysis lab based in San Diego, CA, serving the electronics industry. The company provides solder analysis of wave solder machines and solder pots, and tests for impurities based on J-STD-006B and J-STD-001E for most tin and lead based alloys. For more information, visit

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