Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Aven Integrates Ring Light in Stereo Zoom Scope
Stereo zoom scope with LED lighting system.
Ann Arbor, MI — A new illuminated microscope system has a 60-LED ring light as an embedded element of the focus mount.

The combination adds one-piece convenience and practicality to Avens' most popular stereo zoom binocular scope, which now can be selected with illumination securely installed. The SPZ-50 model microscope offers a magnification range of 6.7x to 50x, or up to 200x with three optional lenses and eyepieces.

According to the company, the inclusive system treats the ring light as an integral component, rather than a screw-on accessory. This eliminates any risk of damage from a loosened ring light dropping on product that is being inspected.

The wide field of view and long working distance make Avens' SPZ-50 suited to high-volume inspection stations, R&D engineering labs and science applications. Precision lenses result in high-definition images from edge to-edge. Coarse and fine focus settings allow meticulous control.

Five dozen white LEDs create a shadow-free lighting intensity of 35,000 lux, assuring accuracy and crisp imaging. A dimmer control lets operators vary illumination and turn it off.

The SPZ-50 system includes a double arm boom stand with tiltable arbor that adjusts to any position for ideal viewing angles and use over large areas. A high eye point (17mm, or about three-quarters of an inch) also supports comfortable use, even for operators with eyeglasses.

A 21-pound metal base provides stability, and an articulating arm is available as an option.

The system comes with a dust cover, rubber eye guards and tension control pin.

Contact: Aven, Inc., 4595 Platt Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 734-973-0099 E-mail: sales@aveninc.com

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