Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Vi TECHNOLOGY Appoints New Sales Representative in Germany
Saint-Egrève, France Vi TECHNOLOGY, a leading provider of inspection solutions for SMT assembly, has appointed Rothmeier SMT Solutions to promote the sales of its complete product range to customers in Southern Germany. Vi TECHNOLOGY’s product range includes PI, the product that revolutionizes solder paste inspection (SPI), K, the reference in automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, and Sigma Link, the software suite to transform inspection data into useful and actionable process information.

Rainer Rothmeier commented, “We are excited to work in partnership with Vi TECHNOLOGY, offering high performance inspection systems to our customers. The added capability will significantly enhance our product portfolio.”

Rothmeier SMT Solutions is a well-established and respected supplier that has been providing production equipment for the electronics industry in Southwestern Germany since 1992. Rothmeier offers a range of products for SMT assembly including placement equipment, reflow ovens, curing systems, X-ray systems, THT placement, selective soldering, parts storage systems and solder paste.

Michael Vielsack, Vi TECHNOLOGY’s Business Development Manager commented, “We are pleased to be working in partnership with Rainer and his team. Both companies possess 20 years of experience in the SMT industry and share a common dedication and commitment to serving customers.  Rothmeier's success is built on product and process expertise. We are convinced that they will provide professional service to all of our customers in the region."

Rainer Rothmeier, together with his colleague Juergen Bischoff, will present Vi TECHNOLOGY’s SMT inspection solutions to customers in postcodes 34-36, 54-56, 60-79, 88-89 and 97.

Vi TECHNOLOGY serves very demanding market segments including Telecom, Consumer, Computer, Automotive, Infrastructure, Industrial and Medical, and achieves the most stringent requirements in terms of accuracy, repeatability, speed and quality. For more information about Vi TECHNOLOGY’s inspection solutions, visit or contact: 

Vi TECHNOLOGY                 Delphine Roche

Rothmeier SMT Solutions      Rainer Rothmeier

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