Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Calumet Electronics appoints Mike Kadlec as VP of Business Development
CALUMET, MI – Calumet Electronics Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of PCB industry veteran Mike Kadlec as Vice President of Business Development, to grow markets and build a national sales force.
Kadlec joined Calumet Electronics in late 2013 with more than 35 years of experience in sales and executive management in the electronics industry. His emphasis on communications, field recruiting, team leadership, and his strength in tactile execution, has led to the successful growth and sale of two companies.
“This is not an occupation, this is a lifestyle – a lifetime commitment to the PCB industry,” Kadlec said. “Everything I have done up to this moment is nothing more than a rehearsal for the main event – Calumet Electronics.”
In addition to being 100 percent committed to North American manufacturing, Calumet Electronics has numerous quality accreditations, including Nadcap and AS9100, which are difficult to obtain, positioning them competitively in the defense, aviation and medical device markets.
“Mike has a strong track record of building productive sales teams and he supports our growth strategies in those markets,” Calumet Electronics CEO Stephen Vairo said. “We’re ready to grow and Mike’s ready to lead the way.”
Kadlec has hit the ground running with his first priority — to build a national sales force to open relationships in target markets. His efforts have already resulted in partnerships with business developers covering more than 60 percent of the U.S. geography.
“Calumet Electronics is industry’s best-kept secret,” Kadlec said. “For the first time in my career, I’m not selling a product. I’m selling the story of an amazing company that is committed to quality, technology and American jobs.”
For more information about Calumet Electronics Corporation, visit www.calumetelectronics.com.
Calumet Electronics’ circuit boards are found in applications demanding zero failure and zero downtime. Our customers design and manufacture systems for industrial controls, power grid management, life support, medical diagnostics, avionics, aerospace and defense.

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