Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Aven Introduces Line of Stealth Pliers
ANN ARBOR, MI - Manufactured for a durable Japanese stainless steel alloy, Aven’s Stealth Pliers a built to withstand heavy duty use. Stealth Pliers are suitable for applications that require forming, building and precision assembly.

Screw joint construction ensures precise tip alignment and the sand blasted finish gives these pliers a superior look and feel. The non-slip, ESD safe, and ergonomic hand grips protect against static build up and are easy to hold for various hand sizes. The Stealth Pliers also feature dual leaf springs that provide easy opening and closing for reduced hand fatigue during repetitive use.

Aven knows that unique applications require unique tools. Seven Stealth Plier models are available for various projects.

For more information, call (734) 973-0099 or click on the links below. The Stealth Pliers are in the chart underneath the “Precision Pliers” tab.

Aven Stealth Pliers

Product video:

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