Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Nippon Pulse: PCL6000 series controller chips feature spiral/helical interpolation capabilities
RADFORD, VA - Nippon Pulse’s PCL6000 series of chip-level controllers – comprised of the two-axis PCL6025B, and the four-axis PCL6045BL and PCL6046 chips – have long been available with highly advanced features, making them the most advanced controller chips in the world. In addition to their standard linear and circular interpolation options, two of our advanced controller chips now feature a third interpolation option: spiral, or helical, interpolation.

The PCL6045BL and PCL6046 four-axis chips are both capable of spiral interpolation. For this type of movement, linear and circular motion profiles are used simultaneously, combining to create three dimensions of movement. The zero point keeps moving, and the X and Y axes synchronize with the Z axis for either clockwise or counter-clockwise helical motion. Spiral interpolation can be used in conjunction with acceleration/deceleration as well, by entering the number of pulses required in the register for control axis.

For more information about this feature and how to perform these operations, check out section 9.8.9 in either chip’s user manual (PCL6045BL, PCL6046), both of which can be found on our Manuals & Literature page.

For more information about Nippon Pulse’s quality products, visit or call 1-540-633-1677.

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