Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Gen3 Systems partners with Mike Shepherd of Peritia, LLC to be an additional distributor in the USA.
FARNBOROUGH, UK - Gen3 Systems Limited, a specialist British manufacturer and distributor, is pleased to announce the appointment of Peritia, LLC as its distributor for the USA.

Peritia, LLC is a company based in Irvine, California. Not only is the company Managing Director, Mr Mike Shepherd, overseeing all sales and service support in the region but he is also engaged as Gen3's officially appointed Technical and Marketing Support.

Mike Shepherd brings with him over 30 years experience in Failure Analysis, Reliability in the Electronics Industry as well as having all the prerequisite sales, marketing and business skills. For more information, call +949 939 5264 or email mike@peritia.us. The Peritia website is coming soon.

Gen3 manufactures the CM Series, Dip and Spray Coating Systems, MUST3 Solderability Testers, Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaners, and SIR and CAF Testing Systems. The company distributes products for Nordson SELECT, MEK, Finetech, Vacunest, Hirox, Optilia, Stoelting and MBTech. For more information about Gen3 Systems, visit www.gen3systems.com.

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