Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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D-COAX: Male - Female 2.92mm ≤ 1ps Skew Matched, Phase Stable Cable Assemblies
NEWBERG, OR - D-COAX, Inc. has introduced a ≤ 1ps skew matched and phase stable high performance 0.150-inch flexible Male 2.92mm to Female 2.92mm coaxial cable assemblies through 40GHz.
The standard assemblies deliver excellent return loss and low insertion loss.

Cable Pairs are ideal for:
● Signal Integrity
● Channel Modeling
● Jitter Measurements
● Differential Measurements
● VNA measurements
● Replacement for semi-rigid cable

All D-COAX products are made in the USA.

D-COAX, Inc. 401 East First Street, PO Box 999, Newberg, Or. 97132; (503) 922-2436,
e-mail: info@D-COAX.com, website: www.D-COAX.com

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