Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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U.S. Tech 2019 Media Kit Now Available
In preparation for the beginning of another great year, we have finalized the U.S.Tech 2019 media kit. The media kit contains all the information you need to promote your company through a variety of U.S.Tech media, including the printed newspaper, the digital edition and pdf, email, and our website.

This year, we refined our web presence and improved our digital editions, launched a mobile version of our website and enhanced our social media platforms. We also post direct updates to our social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, allowing us to have real-time interaction with our readers.

U.S.Tech newspaper is printed on glossy stock using environmentally-friendly processes that enhance the quality of images and details on the page. In addition to the print version, the entire contents of each issue are also available online at our website, www.us-tech.com

U.S.Tech is a valuable channel through which you may promote your company and your clients. Our mission is to support you successfully with our complete range of promotional opportunities, from the print edition of U.S.Tech, to our fully-digital editions, on our website, through email opportunities, and through our social media networks.

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