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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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Corelis Intros Boundary Scan and Functional Test Software
Test program screen.
Cerritos, CA, — Corelis Inc., a supplier of high-performance boundary-scan and JTAG emulation debug tools for microprocessors, has introduced its ScanExpress JET, an innovative test tool which combines boundary-scan and functional test technologies to achieve higher test coverage. Dubbed JTAG Emulation Test (JET), the software combines common pin and net level diagnostics using boundary-scan testing with CPU emulation testing through its JTAG port. This provides functional test capabilities on designs utilizing JTAG compatible CPUs to even non-JTAG peripheral components including analog parts connected within the CPU address and I/O space. This means that sound structural tests for opens and shorts can be performed via boundary-scan while at-speed functional testing can be performed using the CPU to run test programs loaded into memory.

Before loading test programs into on-board memory, the software uses a proprietary technique to test the on-board memory at speed without loading any code into the memory. This means that the software can test and diagnose faulty boards and systems even when the embedded CPU is not able to boot and the board self-test is not operational. ScanExpress JET carries existing boundary-scan testing to the next level. Because no single test technology offers 100 percent test coverage, test engineers are constantly looking at ways to combine the strengths of each test methodology and maximize the overall testability of their products.

The software now offers a feasible way to close the gap between boundary-scan testing and functional testing. Utilizing a single software and hardware tool to combine the two technologies reduces test integration time yet still provides greater test coverage. Users can access pre-built functional tests or create functional test scripts from scratch to test non-standard parts.

Furthermore, because ScanExpress JET seamlessly integrates with existing Corelis hardware, existing ScanExpressTPG, and ScanExpress Runner customers can add on this functionality without having to purchase an additional JTAG controller to access the embedded CPU.

In addition, the company's multi-TAP controllers can provide emulation and debug capability on one TAP while connecting the rest of the boundary-scan chain on separate TAPs. No other test tool currently allows this configuration. Performing all of the testing from a single JTAG controller not only reduces cost, but also simplifies the hardware required for testing and the connection to the product under test.

For more information, contact: Corelis Inc., 12607 Hiddencreek Way, Cerritos, CA 90703 562-926-6727 fax: 562-404-6196 Web:

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