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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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GSI Group Intros In-Line AOI System
In-line AOI system.
Wilmington, MA — GSI Group has introduced the SVS Ascent, a completely new platform for in-line, 3-D SMT inspection of solder paste depositions and component placement for process control. With a new level of speed, accuracy, and flexibility, the Ascent is said to raise the bar in terms of 3-D SMT inspection price/performance for boards up to 50.8 x 61.0cm (20 x 24-in.).

The SVS Ascent uses the Gen4, an all-solid state laser scanning platform with a fast 8MHz data acquisition rate, all-digital processing, and 8X oversampling. The Gen4 imaging system is built on the technology that pioneered 3-D inspection in the SMT industry — SVS's patented laser scanning and triangulation technique. The data acquired by the Gen4 is analyzed pixel by pixel, without merging or blending areas of acquired data, resulting in the most accurate 3-D inspection results, distilled in real-time into easy-to-use process data.

In the Ascent, SVS provides streamlined programming, which allows panel set-up from CAD data within 10 minutes. In the absence of CAD data, manual programming capability allows for creation of new programs or the editing of existing programs.

The Ascent detects flaws in volume, area, height, X/Y position, coplanarity, and bridging. It can handle odd-shaped parts, call up inspection programs from bar code data, connect to SPC software for data analysis, automatically compensate for board warpage, and provide consistent results regardless of changes in lighting or board color.

For more information, contact: GSI Group Systems Division, 60 Fordham Rd., Wilmington, MA 01887. 978-661-4300 fax: 978-988-8798. E-mail:

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